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Despite the World Series of Poker still being in full swing, yesterday was a momentous and memorable day for online poker. The Poker Stars Turbo Takedown was back, while Poker Stars added a huge buy-in yesterday. On top of all of that, not one, not two, but three players each made two final tables of the majors yesterday! As usual, let’s kick off FTR’s coverage of the Sunday tournaments with the Sunday Million.

The Sunday Million saw some stiff competition come out yesterday, as DumpingKGB and aaaaaaaa have both had great success in the past. On top of that, KtheKing was back again, and made the Sunday Million final table for the second month in a row! When play got to 3-handed, the remaining players made a three-way even split, leaving $30k for the eventual winner. GoMukYaSelf had the best showing of them all as he took down the Sunday Million, and $135k! Supadphat had more on his table than the Sunday Million, though, as he also made the final table of the Full Tilt Poker $750k Guaranteed! How did he do? Keep reading to find out.

1. GoMukYaSelf: $135,335
2. supadphat: $105,335
3. jalla75: $105,335
4. central106: $60,645
5. PokerED: $47,603
6. aaaaaaaa: $34,561
7. KtheKing: $23,476
8. Patrolman35: $15,650
9. DumpingKGB: $10,173

The Sunday Warmup on Poker Stars saw the second of the three players who made two major final tables yesterday. LoneHixx came in a very respectable 6th place, banking $18k for his efforts. However, the day belonged to notable MTT grinder, nutshot2, as he took it all down for $79,950. He beat a solid player in Sir_winalot9 to win.

1. nutshot2: $79,950
2. Sir_winalot9: $57,500
3. mAAdScientst: $41,500
4. farfalla7: $28,000
5. Sveden House: $23,000
6. LoneHixx: $18,000
7. JONAS 08: $13,000
8. obywatel_g: $9,000
9. spank01: $5,500

LoneHixx made sure to improve on his Warmup finish at the Sunday Second Chance final table on Poker Stars, as he had to outlast some extremely tough players en route to the victory. These players included the ever-talented shaundeeb, as well as the third player who made two final tables, gbecks. Congrats to LoneHixx on a sick Sunday.

1. LoneHixx: $49,538
2. florian69: $36,322
3. Castro: $27,940
4. leafsstanley: $20,955
5. gbecks: $14,669
6. Believer82: $11,875
7. ryanghall: $9,081
8. potatopolice: $6,287
9. shaundeeb: $3,912

Poker Stars made their end of the month $250k Guaranteed a $1,050 buy-in yesterday, which attracted 723 players, shattering the guarantee! When it was all said and done, adam001 had mowed down the competition for $133,755!

1. adam001: $133,755
2. dapalma150: $96,882
3. loluno123: $72,300
4. aliwak: $54,225
5. Iftarii: $37,958
6. JLPARIS: $30,728
7. G8vMyLfeAway: $23,498
8. TESIK: $16,268
9. Hasn82: $10,122

The 5K FPP buy-in $1 Million Turbo Takedown on Poker Stars continues to be insanely popular, as 10,586 players came out yesterday, looking for $100k. After eight hours, dickson007 laid claim to $100k, taking down the full amount as the players made no chops.

1. dickson007: $100,000
2. Chaesi: $60,000
3. Bratcat: $40,000
4. cRRusher: $32,500
5. hustler730: $25,000
6. 2 irmaos: $20,000
7. iupeli: $15,000
8. YWEplay: $10,000
9. stortv: $5,500

The Full Tilt $750k Guaranteed saw a tough final table yesterday, as supadphat and gbecks made their second final tables in this tournament, and both had their biggest cashes of the day in it. Supadphat is known as phatchoy888 on Full Tilt, and as you can see, he improved upon his second place finish in the Poker Stars Sunday Million! While Gbecks clearly had an amazing Sunday, with nearly $100k in tournament winnings, yesterday belonged to phatchoy888/supadphat. With his 2nd in the Sunday Million, and his win in the $750k, he made nearly $240k yesterday! A huge congrats to him for one of the most memorable days in Sundays, ever.

1. phatchoy888: $132,788
2. GBecks: $80,250
3. Roekiks: $52,500
4. Doc Sands: $41,400
5. TheMasterJ33: $31,050
6. adamoos: $23,025
7. Bashful101: $17,250
8. herdgolf86: $13,500
9. vandAAgnog: $10,050

The innovative Full Tilt Sunday Brawl saw 1,422 players come out in search of that five-figure payday. When it was all said and done, Tincup35 had outlasted the field, and was the final player remaining.

1. Tincup35: $61,146
2. Hesperides: $38,678
3. jman5j23: $28,724
4. lilfishy897: $22,752
5. ILLDECIDE: $17,064
6. MaddM1ke: $12,229
7. I LIKE CATZ: $7,963
8. RonJovi7: $5,688
9. MileHiMadman: $3,982

The Full Tilt Sunday Mulligan saw a talented tournament grinder take down the $45k first place prize, as dw2k6 took it down.

1. dw2k6: $45,045
2. Factor101: $29,029
3. toomuchaction: $21,522
4. chrisbirtle: $16,517
5. TM1933: $12,513
6. mich_alumni: $9,009
7. scoopydoo: $6,006
8. EASY DZER: $4,505
9. GPTBigGuy: $3,203

Rounding out our coverage this week is the Bodog 100k. As usual, the overlay was huge, clocking in at $29.7k this week. Floppedout cashed in on the huge overlay, pocketing $23.6k in the process!

1. floppedout: $23,600
2. pokerarg: $13,600
3. king silas: $9,100
4. moonman25: $7,000
5. vasctrainer: $5,700
6. thedude81: $4,500
7. Riverdancer37: $3,300
8. tehdow: $2,200
9. McNair0938: $1,300

That’s all for this week, be sure to stay tuned to FTR Blogs for all your poker news needs!