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Stars has done a great job marketing the SuperStar Showdown challenges. For the first time we have online heads up matches where they play at a set time, so that everyone can tune in and watch. The SuperStar Showdown is a great spectator event for poker, and a huge win for PokerStars.

This is the fourth match in Isildur1’s SuperStar Showdown Heads Up Series. Match 1 Isildur lost to Isaac Haxton, Match2 Isildur beat Tony G, and in Match 3, Isildur beat Daniel Cates.

Eugene Katchalov is up next. He is known for being one of the top tournament players in the world. In January Katchalov took first place in the PCA $100,000 buy-in high roller event for $1.5 million. Katchalov has over $6 million in live tournament winnings. Doing well in the SuperStar Showdown may help get the talented Russian’s name out there a bit more. Katchalov plays at PokerStars under the name “MyRabbiFoo”.

Isildur’s success so far in the SuperStar Heads Up Showdowns, makes us wonder if in future showdowns Isildur might be playing at higher limits. Having played $500/$1000 NLHE in the past, the current challenge format, 2500 hands of $50/$100 is something of a step down in terms of limits if not entertainment value. PokerStars signing of Isildur1 could possibly be a sign that nosebleed stakes will soon be coming to cash games at PokerStars.

SuperStar Showdown IV takes place this Sunday, February 13th ET. Find the match at the SuperStar Showdown tables on PokerStars. Join the rail!