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The SuperStar Showdown has been successful for drawing attention to PokerStars and for giving poker spectators a chance to see high stakes poker heads up matches between the biggest names on a regular basis. This latest challenge last night saw Viktor Blom, better known as Isildur1 play against Scott Palmer who plays online as, UrNotInDanger.

After 2500 hands of $50/$100 Palmer walked away with a win and $5,425. The match was run super quick finishing at just over 4 hours, the shortest of any SuperStar Showdown thus far.

Scott Palmer has been on a downswing losing $1.4 Million in the past few months at Stars and Full Tilt. Scott Palmer at only 20 years old, along with Blom, is one of the rising stars in the poker world, with millions of winnings at some of the highest stakes ever played.

The match was swingy  with Palmer up early over $50,000 before Isildur1 rallied back to take a lead by $40,000, only to lose at the end. The lead changed during this match in the beginning, middle and three times in the last 100 hands, showing how evenly matched these two young poker phenoms are.

With only 100 hands left In the biggest hand of the match, Isildur1 held 10s 8d in position and fired away on a board of 5c 2h 2d 7d 4d including reraising Palmer’s check raise on the river. Palmer had  55 for a flopped full house. By checking and slowplaying his full house Palmer had given Blom just enough rope to hang himself and win a massive pot. The$58,850 pot went to Palmer who takes round one and deciding the match.

Stay tuned for next Sunday. 3PM EDT April 10th will be round 2 of this match against these two evenly matched young pros.