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The biggest FTOPS Event of this series thus far is in the books.  Over 5,600 players participated in event #10, a $300+$22 NL Hold’em Freeze-Out. Thirty-nine of FullTilt’s very own sponsored professionals played in the event including host Allen Cunningham.  Cunningham is the owner of five WSOP bracelets and was the 4th place finisher in the 2006 WSOP Main Event won by Jamie Gold.  Andy Bloch, who took 2nd in the $40k HORSE two years ago, made a deep run in this event before being eliminated in 42nd place, for just under $3,400.  Other big names participating were Eli Elezra of High-Stakes Poker fame, former WSOP Main Event champion Huck Seed, and Isaac “Menlo” Baron, who was making a deep run in FTOPS Event #8 at the same time.

The final table was full of players looking to make life-altering scores, with the top four places all paying six-figures and first place paying $290,358. Unfortunately some of the drama was taken out when the final four players decided to chop, taking nearly $70,000 off the top prize.  The chop ended up creating a strange situation, where 2nd place finisher “conslice” ended up making more money than the eventual winner, “t1ger heat”.  This was obviously both players’ biggest scores of their career, although neither had a $20,000+ cash on FullTilt before entering the final table.

Congratulations to t1ger heat, conslice, and all 720 players making the money in FTOPS #10!!

FTOPS Event #10 $1.5M Guaranteed
5,660 Entrants; $1,698,000 prize pool

1. t1ger heat $189,318.58
2. conslice $219,772.04
3. POSITIV_NEGITIV $160,330.60
4. BacoPride $176,000.78
5. tiltslowplayer $81,419.10
6. mrob00 $56,034
7. CWTREFEREE04 $36,507
8. Mike Daciuk $25,470
9. HevvyDevvy $17,829