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Recent WSOPE runner up, John Tabatabai, has proved that he is more than just a flash in the pan by taking down the 12th All Africa Poker Tournament.

The tournament held in Piggs Peak, South Africa, also included local hero, Raymond Rahme in the line-up, who is best known for being the first and only South African to reach the final table of a WSOP main event, coming in 3rd in 2007.

Tabatabai who is known for his ‘crazy’ play, played a very aggressive game which the other players struggled to cope with.  As a result, he ultimately ended up eliminating all of the 9 other players on the final table himself, to take down the tournament.

For 1st place, Tabatabai was rewarded with one million Rand ($128,000 US), along with a seat at this years WSOP main event.  2nd place was 400,00 Rand ($50,000 US) with a WSOP package.  Local favorite, Rahme gained a respectable 3rd, winning 300,000 Rand ($37,500 US) and a WSOP package.

The All Africa Poker Tournament is the first major tournament that Tabatabai has won since coming second in the WSOPE and there’s no doubt that there will be more to come from 22 year old.  Tabatabai had a lot of praise for the whole tournament set up, where although he won’t be able to defend his title in May for the next All Africa tournament, although he will try to make it for the one after that.

After the tournament, Tabatabai shared some words of wisdom to the aspiring younger players in South Africa, saying “Do not try to become a pro or make poker your sole income.  You will play better if you have a backstop, something that takes the financial pressure off.  Never assume you are the best player.  Listen to everyone, even players you consider weaker than yourself.  They will give you an insight into how they think which will help you play against them.”

Poker in South Africa is becoming increasingly more popular, and on the evidence of this tournament, it just shows that it’s only a matter of time until we see a major poker tournament being staged in this part of the world.