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One more day to seal the deal for these players on the Full Tilt Leaderboards.  It’s been a wild ride for all three leaderboard categories this month and it’s just the type of excitement we’d like to see leading us into a brand new month.  We’ve got new players seasoning all three top tens right along with the great regulars who are all gunning for first place before the end of tomorrow.  Whoever can manage to make a jump to 1st place by the end of tomorrow will be a happy camper – with the prestige of a first place win along with its nice prize.

FlopTurnRiver keeps track of the FTP Leaderboard results daily and keeps them archived on the Full Tilt network page which can be found here: Leaderboard-Calendar.  Simply scroll down to the leaderboard section and select whichever day you feel like viewing.  It’s a great way to see how players are progressing as time goes on.

For a quick link to today’s full Leaderboard results (a whopping 250 recorded places) click here:  April 29th Leaderboard Results.

Today’s Leaders:

Current April 29th Top Ten MTT Leaders:

1     bethwolf22       16834.90
2     PimpinDonks    16739.50
3     Pimpnuho         16152.00
4     doomweed        13583.50
5     bparis               12733.30
6     chronicATM     12381.00
7     toilet22             12122.80
8     0neoneOne       12064.40
9     MoormanI        11931.90
10   Rounder63       11100.60

bethwolf22 has played a spectacular week jumping from last week’s 8th place to 1st for today!  bethwolf reminds me of when I first started analyzing the Full Tilt Leaderboards because each week she made it clear that she would be part of the top ten one way or another.  It’s good to see her back, staying strong and on top with 16,834.90 in chips.  Her next closest competitor PimpinDonks is hardly a donk as he’s had some impressive stats here on the MTT leaderboard as well.  Last week alone Donks sat comfortably in 1st place above the rest.  With just 100 chips behind bethwolf PimpinDonks may be licking his lips as he watches first place draw nearer and nearer.  One good sized win and Donks will steal this April show if beth isn’t careful.

Pimpnuho lands a 3rd place spot this week after placing 5th during April 22nd’s analysis.  Pimpnuho has demonstrated time and time again that he’s got what it takes to stick around and snag a top ten finish and he’s definitely one of Full Tilt’s MTT regulars.  doomweed has dropped a place to 4th thi sweek.  Surprisingly bparis has also dropped to 5th place this week.  bparis is a skilled player and I still wouldn’t put anything past him just yet.  chronicATM stepped up his game over the course of the week rising to 6th place from last week’s 10th position.  Proving that just about anything is possible, toilet22 has risen 15 places to 7th overall from last week’s 23rd place.  I’d be inclined to say that toilet hit a spot of luck but we’ll have to see what tomorrow brings before we make any quick assumptions.  Even more impressive and in the same boat ast toilet, OneoneOne has jumped up to 8th from 50th place.

MoormanI who has shown up on the MTT top ten here and there has dropped to 9th after sitting in 2nd place last week.  Rounder63, anther decent player has dropped to 10th.

Current April 29th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit:

1     phatchoy888           26334.90
2     time4sumakshun     25168.10
3     moneyinthebank1   22900.50
4     beanmo                   19303.80
5     happygabita            19122.90
6     jeppg1111               18665.70
7     Hezballer                16620.70
8     Saint Annie             16570.50
9     Mement_mori         15397.20
10   HowBadDoIRun     14926.40

It’s proving to be a neck and neck race here on the high limit SNG top ten as phatchoy888 and time4sumakshun trade places in the top two this week.  The four players in the top four positions could quite possibly be the best players on the high limit board, period.  It looks like April will belong to phatchoy888 but we’ll have to see if time4sumakshun, moneyinthebank1 or beanmo have any tricks up their sleeves in order to pull ahead for the win.  happygabita has made a modest rise to 5th place after having been in 9th just last week.  jeppg1111, a decent but undecorated player has fallen to 6th after a few moments of glory in 3rd place overall.

Hezballer and Saint Annie have consecutively dropped one place each to 7th and 8th, respectively.  Below them comes Mement_mori a well established player who has enough skill to potentially take this leaderboard down in the last moments of the last day.  HowBadDoIRun isn’t running too badly this week after a jump to 10th place after having been in 14th last week.  His jump could very well nab him his first top ten win tomorrow.

Current April 29th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit:

1      tcmwpti             11823.80
2     kokmus              10154.30
3     MajorPolk           9825.60
4     antzzor                9568.70
5     einsammy            9304.50
6     ObvFish               9060.00
7     Peristeria            8681.00
8     timo82samuel     8667.90
9     kjh8448               8405.90
10   Ingenol                8352.40

Though MajorPolk has dominated the 1st place position for much of this month, tcmwpti nabbed this position out of his hands last week and has returned again for another week in the top position.  Hot on his heels, kokmus is in 2nd place fighting for his turn on top.  To add insult to injury, MajorPolk not only has been knocked out of first but he’s fallen to 3rd place this week.  With only one day left these positions may stick as it’s harder to make huge gains in small amounts of time on the lower limit SNG board.  Whatever the case, there are three very good players leading the pack.  einsammy, one of the low limit veterans on Full Tilt is pulling his own weight in 5th place this week.  In watching einsammy you can be almost certain his position will be rising each week.  He went from 9th two weeks ago, to 8th, and now he’s in a comfortable 5th.  Can he better position himself for a 3rd or 4th place win in a matter of 24 hours?

Check back next Tuesday for a listing of all April’s top ten winners across the three FTP leaderboards.  Next week will be a double whammy as far as leaderboard analysis goes because not only will I be announcing and analyzing April’s winners I’ll bring forth the current leaders for the first week of May in all three categories.