Another day gone by, and another FTOPS Event in the books! Today we had the pleasure of witnessing the action of FTOPS XV, Event #15: $200+$16 No Limit Hold’em Turbo.

This event was hosted by Brazil’s own Leandro “Brasa” Pimentel, a feared live tournament player. He is the first Brazilain poker player to have reached a WSOP final table.

Notable finishes include: perrenial crowd favorite and Allen Cunningham in 137th place; possibly the most feared HU player in the world that isn’t Phil Ivey (and also a very accomplished dances) Chris Ferguson in 147th place; and Jared ‘TheWacoKidd’ Hamby, skilled online phenom and generally not someone who you want seated at the same SNG or MTT table you are.

Other notable participants of this event were Isaac Baron, David Pham, Gavin Smith, Jon “Pearljammer” Turner, Marco Traniello, Ram Vaswani, and Adam Schoenlefeld.

This event was a rebuy and addon event (R/A), which means that players which busted out prior to the end of the Rebuy period could rebuy chips to have another go. Additionally, at the end of the rebuy period, players are allowed to buy one add-on for the price of a buy-in, which adds the same amount of chips they started with to their stack.

This event attracted 2880 hopefuls and has a total prizepool worth exactly $600,000, so there was some overlay for those involved, which is always good news.

The top 9 cashes in this event were as follows:

9th: WhySoCereus, $7,200

8th: downrig, $9,600

7th: pochacco, $13,800

6th: 01GrandPrixGT, $20,400

5th: CStep02, $30,600

4th: Wretchy, $43,800

3rd: feezable, $58,200

2nd: GoDaeBu, $78,600

And a big round of applause to Tazmaniapwnsyou, who “pwned” all other 2,879 hopefuls en route to victory. Victory in this case being: an FTOPS winner Yellow Jersey avatar; endless bragging rights for having taken down an FTOPS event; and, perhaps more importantl $121,800 in cold hard cash.

Congratulations to all who participated, and remember, if you did not cash or place, there is always next event! God Bless Internet Poker!

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