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Still fresh from a transition into April, Full Tilt Poker has awarded 1st place leaderboard prizes to three more players for the month of March. The results are in and we’ll be looking at the top ten players in each of the three FTP Leaderboard categories. With fresh players appearing on the boards and even taking a 1st place win for MTT, things will surely stay intersting.

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March Results will take you directly to a full listing of today’s results which go much beyond 10 places.

Let’s take a look at the results!

Top Ten MTT Players for March:

1 Mike Bollar 15,805.50 $1,000 & Entry
2 NEONPILS99 15,515.00 $500 & Entry
3 tedsfishfry 13,583.60 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
4 TopTizzlePizzle 13,155.50 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
5 JohnnyBelow 12,785.10 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
6 sampson724 12,437.00 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
7 mjj864579 12,135.40 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
8 bparis 12,045.60 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
9 Rounder63 11,911.80 (3) $75 Tokens & Entry
10 CapTinBisKuiT 11,724.50 (2) $75 Tokens & Entry

Mike Bollar sustained his 1st place position and took home the $1,000 & Entry prize for March. Among all the regulars on this leaderboard, Mike Bollar emerged as a fresh name with a goal in mind and 1st place in sight. After finally reaching the top in the middle of the month, he held on week after week demonstraiting consistent skill. It had been the first time I’ve seen him even in the top ten in the past 4 months I’ve been watching the FTP leaderboards.

NEONPILS99 took home the 2nd place prize of $500 & Entry after having been in 4th place just last week. Further yet, in the previous week NEONPILS99 sat in 8th place. For the overall month of February NEON secured a 14th place finish for the MTT Leaderboard which is certainly something to be proud of in itself. In a month’s time NEON has consistently increased his rank and his respectibility right along with it.

tedsfishfry slumped a little since last week and dropped one place to an overall finish in 3rd place. Last month tedsfishfry nailed a mediocre overall 49th place finish. His stack increased slightly over the week so it isn’t due to not playing. Even so, 3rd place is a substantial feat and I’m positive we’ll be seeing more of ted in the future months to come.

TopTizzlePizzle is another player to show hefty jumps in the ranks each week. Two weeks ago he sat in 25th place and climbed up to 6th place just last week. For the overall month of March TopTizzlePizzle took home a 4th place win. Last week it was looking like TopTizzle would be occupying top ten spaces on both the MTT Leaderboard and high limit SNG Leaderboard, something that I had never seen as of yet. Though he was very close, he wound up settling for a 20th place win over on the SNG board.

JohnnyBelow rose to 5th place overall from last week’s 9th. Two weeks ago sampson724 was sitting comfortably in 4th place. In the week to follow he fell to 8th place, flirting with the idea of falling out of the top ten. In the final week left in March he stepped it up a notch to land 6th place overall. It’s not as nice as if he would have held onto his 4th place position, but impressive nevertheless. mjj fell to 7th overall after having been in a nice 3rd place position last week.

bparis, one of the few names I recognize from previous months secured an 8th place finish. Rounder63 who I don’t recognize, came in at 9th place after sitting in 17th place last week. Finally, CaptainBiskuit fell from last week’s 5th place to 10th place overall for March. After what seems like a surge of newer players to grace the MTT Leaderboard, the top ten appears to be saturated with these fresh names as opposed to the regulars we’ve become used to!

Top Ten SNG (high limit) Players for March:

1 time4sumakshun 31,023.90 20x Fav
2 Whitesnake1 28,294.70 16x Fav
3 moneyinthebank1 26,172.80 14x Fav
4 PokerToronto 22,555.70 12x Fav
5 jeppg1111 21,925.10 11x Fav
6 Thomas Bihl 20,062.90 10x Fav
7 beanmo 18,485.60 9x Fav
8 wildjoker321 18,151.50 8x Fav
9 phatchoy888 18,004.60 7x Fav
10 HowBadDoIRun 16,401.60 6x Fav

time4sumakshun has nabbed a well deserved 1st place win on the high limit SNG Leaderboard with 31,000 chips. His firt place prize is 20 buy-ins to his favorite tournaments. time4sumakshun has proven himself time and time again, landing a position in the top ten almost every month. If you don’t find time4sumakshun in the top ten, rest assured he’s near it. I’m becoming more fond of Whitesnake1 with each passing week because he’s demonstrating a lot of skill and some great consistency as of late. Overall, Whitesnake1 secured a 2nd place win for March, netting him 16 buy-ins for his favorite tournament.

moneyinthebank1 seems to be right on the same level with Whitesnake. They’re both proving to be accomplished players and appear to be battling for the same position each week. PokerToronto remains in 4th place this week. In fact, positions 1-4 haven’t changed at aside from chip stacks getting larger.

jeppg1111 climbed one position to 5th place overall, taking phatchoy’s position from last week. phatchoy888 dropped several places to 9th overall for the month. Thomas Bihl, one of Full-Tilt’s professional players secured a 6th place win for 10 buy-ins of his favorite tournament. beano fell just under Thomas Bihl at 7th place. HowBadDoIRun, a newer player to the SNG Leaderboard, nabbed a 10th place overall win after having sat in 12th place last week.

Almost all the players occupying this top ten have established a name for themselves on this leaderboard. It’s common to find them somewhere either in or near the top ten every week.

Top Ten SNG (low limit) Players for March:

1 kokmus 15,291.40 20x Fav
2 bedsore 14,024.80 16x Fav
3 Xyz567 11,458.20 14x Fav
4 einsammy 10,796.30 12x Fav
5 msBlix 10,594.10 11x Fav
6 Arngrim 10,146.90 10x Fav
7 ObvFish 10,146.40 9x Fav
8 DonkWhisperer 9,508.10 8x Fav
9 docholiday470 9,321.80 7x Fav
10 tappert 8,792.50 6x Fav

Like high limit, the low limit SNG Leaderboard is being occupied by mostly well established regulars. That’s not to say it isn’t seasoned with a couple new players either. kokmus tops off the list in 1st place taking home 20 buy-ins to his favorite tournament. After sitting in 3rd place last week, kokmus has got to be pretty satisfied with his current position. bedsore was leading the pack in 1st last week and has dropped to an overall 2nd, giving kokmus the chance to take the lead.

Xyz567, new to the top ten as of last week has dropped one place to an overall 3rd for March. einsammy, a seasoned player, climbed a couple ranks to 4th place overall from last week’s 6th place. msBlix also happened to drop in rank to 5th place overal from last week’s 4th. Arngrim is a player who has only recently starting gracing the low limit leaderboard but has been showing some decent consistency since his entrance. Over the past week he has managed to rise one place to 6th overall. ObvFish can be found just below him in 7th place, up from last week’s 8th. docholiday470 and tappert have remained in the same positions as last week in 9th and 10th respectively.

It has been another exciting month on the Full Tilt Leaderboards and the action will no doubt carry on into April. Check back for all your FTP Leaderboard updates and monthly results!