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Doyle Brunson showed his sense of humor in a recent poll he conducted on his Twitter page. Since he is known as the patriarch of poker, it was only fitting that he be the poker player to hold this unofficial poll. Additionally, with poker players being the tight-knit community, there was not much risk of anybody’s feeling getting hurt. The results of Brunson’s poll were quite interesting.

On October 7th, Doyle Brunson tweeted the following: “Drinking game. Which poker player would you like to have sex with? (leave out your current relationship). Poker player u would like to kill?” In a second tweet, he asked: “which poker player would you most like to hang out with? …..results will be posted.” The questions garnered a lot of response from those in the poker and Twitter community.

After days of deliberation, the results were in. The poker player that most wanted to have sex with was Shannon Elizabeth followed by Vanessa Rousso and Jennifer Tilly. Shannon Elizabeth replied to the Texas Dolly with a “Um..thanks?! :)” As for the poker players that most wanted to kill, Phil Hellmuth, Russ Hamilton, and Tony G were the top three winners. The poker players that won in the “hang out with” category were Phil Laak, Gavin Smith, and Daniel Negreanu.

The three players that won the “to kill” contest are an interesting batch of players. Both Hellmuth and Tony G are hated for being loud and obnoxious to players. Hellmuth is well-known for his antics of berating others at the table. Railbirds routinely cheer when Hellmuth is knocked out of a tournament. As for Tony G, he is very rude to other players as well. Hellmuth and Tony G both have lucrative deals with UB and PartyPoker, respectively. In poker, even negative publicity is good publicity for the faces of online poker rooms. Russ Hamilton was once the face of UB as well, though his time there was limited due to a cheating scandal at Ultimate Bet poker. It has been estimated that Russ Hamilton cheated many players, including professionals such as Mike Matusow, out of $22,100,000.

For Brunson’s full series of tweets, be sure to visit his Twitter @TexDolly. While you’re at Twitter, be sure to follow @FTR_Poker_News! If you’re interested in FlopTurnRiver’s unofficial poll, check it out by clicking here!