Have you taken your shot at a free $500? Well if you haven’t, you have been missing out! If you are not sure what the FTR500 is, I guarantee you will want to play next month once you get done reading this. Every month, always on the 5th, FTR has a special private tournament on Full Tilt Poker titled the FTR500. This has a $5 + $.50 buyin, but that’s not all the players compete for. FTR adds an additional $500 to the prize pool, making it really worth your time. No matter if 5, 10, or 50 players register, there will always be an extra $500 to shoot for.

This is a great tournament for anyone, especially newcomers trying to build their bankroll. Where else can you pay a $5 entry fee and have a chance to win over $300? Maybe in a large MTT with hundreds of players, but in the FTR500 on average you will have 30-40 other players. This could be a huge boost to your starting bankroll and could really start you off to make some serious cash. And remember, Full Tilt accepts all US players, so everyone is welcome!

So far the FTR500 has been running every month since June of 2007, 7 months in total. That is an amazing $3500 that FTR has put up for its members! And the best thing is you don’t have to do anything crazy to be able to play. Yes, the only requirement is that you register for the FTR Poker Forum. This is a double bonus because not only will you be able to play in the FTR500, but you will become a member at one of the best poker strategy forums on the net today. Our community has made numerous amounts of people winning players at the highest games online, and many have been quoted to say “I wouldn’t have done it without FTR.”

Everyone who has played in this tournament has had a very enjoyable time; especially the winners! Last month on December 5th, the Full Tilt player I Eat Sushi (FTR hotkiwi27) topped 34 players and won $303.75! Quite the payout for a $5 tournament! Here is what he had to say about his experience:

Thank you FTR for yet another awesome tourney. I love this tourn so much, all great players who play it and the fact that FTR puts up a huge $500 cold hard cash is truly awesome… Thanks to all that played this time round, there was some very tough competition and congrats to those that cashed. Can’t wait for the next see you all there and good luck!! Very Happy

Three other players also had a nice payday; myms took 2nd for $168.72, sadieaces took 3rd for $121.50, and VoteQuimby finished 4th for $81. If you haven’t heard of it or had your chance to play, don’t worry, it’s never too late to start. The Full Tilt FTR500 is still running in 2008, starting on January 5th at 10:00 PM ET. For information on registering, including password information, please view the thread about by clicking here. Remember, you have to be a registered forum member to view the password. If you don’t have Full Tilt, download and register by clicking here.

Good luck and hope to see you in January!