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The High Stakes tables were a bit quiet last week with the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure taking place, the Holidays winding down, and Isildur1 absent. All of last week’s pots in this edition of the High Stakes Rail were played on Full Tilt Poker’s $100/$200 Pot-Limit Omaha tables.

Our first three pots involved Browndog19 and Brian Hastings. Browndog19 raised to $660 with AsKsQsTh on the button and Brian Hastings, infamous for his recent Isildur1 controversy, three-bet to $2,040. Browndog19 called in position and saw the 8h5s4s give him the nut flush draw. Hastings bet $3,200 into the $4,080 pot and was called. The 7h turn made the board two-tone and added to the threat of a made straight. Hastings checked and Browndog19 bet $7,000 to which Hastings called. The Ts on the river completed Browndog19’s nut flush. It also may have hit Hastings hard as he lead with a $23,200 bet. With the nuts, Browndog19 raised it to $60,289.50. Hastings called and saw the bad news. Browndog19 took the $145,119 pot while Hastings was forced to throw his hand into the muck.

At a six-max table, the action folded to Browndog19 in the cutoff. He raised to $880 with KcTs9c8h. The button folded and Urindanger called from the small blind with AsAcQdTc. Hastings, with JcJh9h9d, three-bet to $3,700. Browndog19 called and the bet was reraised by Urindanger to $14,980. Both Hastings and Browndog19 called and saw the KhQhJs flop. Urindanger lead with a $45,120 bet with an overpair. Unfortunately for him, the other two players hit that flop much harder. Hastings with a set of jacks and a gutshot straight flush draw, and Browndog19 with a straight, were all-in with their calls. The pot totaled $137,832 and was three-way with Hastings being the favorite. The 3h turn gave Hastings the flush and sealed the fate of this pot. Better yet, the Jd gave Hastings quads and added strength to his already monster hand.

In another heads-up hand between Hastings and Browndog19, Hastings raised to $660 on the button with KdTc9s6h. Browndog19 three-bet to $2,040 with 7h5c4s3h and Hastings flatted. Browndog19 flopped a straight on the 7c6d4h with any seven or four giving him a full house. He bet $4,140 and Hastings called with his middle-pair. The Kh turn was bad news for Hastings, giving him two-pair. Browndog19 lead again and bet $12,240. Hastings shoved with his two-pair and put the rest of Browndog19’s $26,757 stack all-in. Browndog called with the nuts and the pot blew up to $90,715. Hastings would need either a king or a six to improve and win the pot. Unfortunately, the 4c river gave Browndog19 the full house instead and tightened his grip on the $90,655 pot.