The High Stakes action has slowed down in recent weeks with players like Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius absent from the big, online games. However, this doesn’t mean that the tables have been totally vacant. Players like Ziigmund and Brian Hastings have been going at it this week at the $500/$1000 Pot-Limit Omaha tables on Full Tilt Poker. Brian Hastings has been suffering quite the downswing this year. Information about his recent downswing can be found here: Brian Townsend Facing Massive Downswing.

The bad luck continues for Hastings as can be seen in last week’s biggest pot in online poker. Ziigmund raised on the button to $3,000 with AhQc7d5c and was three-bet to $9,000 by Hastings’ double-suited AsJh6h4s. Ziigmund made the call and saw the Jd4c2h flop come down. This flop gave him a gutshot straight draw while giving Hastings two-pair, jacks and fours. Ziigmund check-called Hastings’ $13,000 bet and hit a pair of aces & a flush draw on the Ac river. Unfortunately for him, Hastings also hit the ace, giving him top two-pair. Ziigmund check-raised Hastings all-in and Hastings quickly called. The pot inflated to $208,999. Ziigmund was looking for any non-jack club or three to help him improve. His wish was granted on the turn when the 9c hit, giving him the pot and elongating Hastings’ downswing.

The next largest pot of last week happened during the same session between Ziigmund and Hastings. With effective stacks of $200,000 and Ziigmund on the button, he would raise to $3,000 with his AsAc9h6h and Hastings would flat. The AdQd5s flop was huge for Ziigmund, giving him a set of aces. Hastings check-called a pot-sized bet of $6,000 and saw the Qc turn drop. Ziigmund had a full-house and was almost fearless in his betting as Hastings check-called another pot-sized bet. A Js landed on the river. Again, Hastings check-called a pot-sized bet of $54,000. He saw the news of the full house and mucked his hand. The $161,999.50 pot was Ziigmund’s.

The session, however, was not all Ziigmund’s. Hastings also won a huge pot in the session. With Ziigmund on the button and effective stacks at $329,497, Ziigmund raised to $3,000. Hastings called and saw the 8s5d2c flop with the pot at $6,000. Hastings check-called a pot-sized bet from Ziimund and saw a 4d turn drop. The 4d may seem like a brick to the untrained eye but poker players know this card is dangerous in conjunction with the flop as it completed many straight draws. With Hastings checking again, Ziigmund put out another pot-sized bet of $18,000. This time, however, Hastings would raise to $67,000. Ziigmund made the call and the pot inflated to $152,000 by the river. A Kh hit the river and Hastings lead with a $119,000 bet. Ziigmund folded and Hastings took the large pot. Perhaps his luck is turning around?

Stay tuned to FlopTurnRiver’s High Stakes Rail for more high stakes action. We will keep you posted on Brian Hastings’ downswing and any other developments. Good luck on the felt!