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Some encouraging news for online poker players, on October 22nd – 24th, around 100 members of the Poker Player Alliance met up at Capitol Hill with lawmakers in their bid to defend poker player’s rights to play online in the

With Howard Lederer, Professor Charles Nesson, Radley Balko and Kenneth Adams leading the discussion, after 2 days of lobbying, the ‘fly-in’ members met with 50 members of the U.S House and Senate.  This was considered a huge success, delivering a convincing message to congress that ‘poker is a game of skill, which should be regulated, not prohibited’.   

Further support was given by the many poker players who could not attend, in which over 350 testimonials about how much poker means to them, were all delivered by ‘fly-in- participants. 

Although this was considered a success in their continuous fight for online poker player’s rights, it has been realized that all poker players must now unite and become politically aware, register to vote, and make themselves heard in debates and elections.