Here at FTR, we like to give back to our members. We actually like you, and want to make you happy. This weekly column is there to help you find all the little ways we want to bring some sunshine into your life. Hope you have your sun glasses.

FTR Member Only Tournaments this week:

On Wednesday (20th of Feb), we are running our monthly Party Poker added value tournament. Last month we only got 49 runners, which meant that the $600 we added was worth an additional $10 per entry. With this much added value, you’d be a fool not to try and make it. Click here to read more.


A “Cool Million” up for grabs at Bovada”

This weekend sees Full Tilt putting up a guaranteed ONE MILLION DOLLARS in the tier $11 buy in “Cool Million” event. The Winner will walk away with at least $85,000. Read More here.

FTR are also getting in on the action with a 50 Seat Freeroll! More information, and the password here.


Full Tilt Poker Goes for a Week Long “Happy Hour”

Starting today, and running all week, Full Tilt are offering you ways to make up to FOUR TIMES as many FTPs when you pay certain games.

If you’re not already playing on Full Tilt, this could be the week to join. Read more about the Happy Hour Promotion here, or just sign up to Full Tilt here. Just make sure to take advantage of the fantastic Welcome Package with added FTR value.


Critically Acclaimed Poker Writer does an “Ask Me Anything.”

This week, Zach Elwood, author of the new, highly thought of book “Reading Poker Tells” is coming to FTR to do an AMA. We are still looking for more questions for him to answer. It can be about his book, about how to play better at the table, what he’d do differently after writing this book. As the title suggests, pretty much anything really.

Ask Zach your question here, and you could get an answer on the 21st of February at 17:30ET.


If you’ve got any questions on these, or want to stake me to play Viktor Blom HU at a game I don’t understand, you can visit the forum thread for this week’s post.