The WSOP event in Australia may have just finished leaving you, me, and every poker fan jonesing for our next fix of high stakes action, and it may be Sunday before our next live streamed poker event (EPT Live from Berlin, and we will be hosting the stream here, with some special extras), but I’m a happy guy. I’m happy because I get to share the great stuff FTR is proud to offer you, our wonderful members.


FTR Member Only Tournaments this week:


We’ll start off this week  on Wednesday, with a Bodog/Bovada event. We are adding $300, and FIVE $38.50 tickets to the prize pool. Entry s $3.30, and it’s all going off at 20:05ET.

To keep out the riff raff, this is a password protected event. We’ll be releasing the password to FTR Qualified Members an hour before the event, and on our Facebook page nearer to kick off time.

Have a look here for more info and the password.

Sunday sees the return of the FTRStars250 on PokerStars, and due to the issues last month, we’re running two of them this month.

We’re starting at 21:00WET (16:00ET) and we’re adding $250 to the prize pool, and it only costs you $3.30 to enter.

Again, this is only open to those of you who are FTR Qualified Members, and it’s really easy to get this status. Just get involved in the forum

More info on the event, and the route to the password here.


Free “Taster” at Bovada Poker


If you, or you friends, haven’t got a Full Tilt account yet, you can get a free $10 to start off your poker life on Full tilt Poker. All you need to do is set up your account by clicking the banner above, and jump into the action with 4 $2 Ring Game Tickets, and 4 $0.50 Sit & Go tickets

You can also pop over here for more information

You can also look at transferring your VIP status from other sites to Full Tilt, and work towards a Black Card and a sponsorship contract. The details we have so far are over here.


Jared Tendler AMA


The author of the fantastic “The Mental Game of Poker” has written a follow up, “The Mental Game of Poker II,” and he’s also agreed to take part in the FlopTurnRiver AMA!

With the event happening on the 1st of May, you are running out of time to get your questions answered by the worlds foremost expert on the mental aspects of playing poker. Please no Freudian style questions, keep it limited to poker, or golf if you’re really boring.

The thread for the questions is over here.


If you have any questions about this week’s article, or you think you know why else I may be so happy, come over to the forum thread and have a chat.