Well, Easter is over, and those of us who didn’t eat our own body weight in chocolate are still alive and not seeking medical assistance for the pains in our stomach. Those of you who were around yesterday may have caught our April Fools gag about poker becoming part of the Olympics. Unfortunately, this wasn’t true, but that didn’t stop my Facebook timeline getting clogged by people asking me if it was.

We have some interesting post chocolate poisoning treats for you this week, but we’re keeping to a diet to be kind.


Free “Taster” at Bovada Poker

If you, or you friends, haven’t got a Full Tilt account yet, you can take advantage of a great offer. You can have a free $10 to use on the site, just by signing up through your friends here at FTR.

Full Tilt are offering you a free $10 in the form of 4 $2 Ring Game Tickets, and 4 $0.50 Sit & Go tickets. It’s a great way for you to start off your playing life on Full Tilt.

Have a look here for more information.

You can also look at transferring your VIP status from other sites to Full Tilt, and work towards a Black Card and a sponsorship contract. The details we have so far are over here.

Jared Tendler AMA

The author of the fantastic “The Mental Game of Poker” has written a follow up, “The Mental Game of Poker II,” and he’s also agreed to take part in the FlopTurnRiver AMA!

It’s not going to be until the 1st of May, but that gives you a whole month to come up with questions to ask the worlds foremost expert on the mental aspects of playing poker. Please no Freudian style questions, keep it limited to poker, or golf if you’re really boring.

The thread for the questions is over here.


So, if you have any questions about this week’s article, and you’re not in a diabetic coma, head over to this weeks forum post, and post how much chocolate you ate over the weekend.