If you thought last week was full of goodies, this week is going to blow you socks off. We have world-class mental game coaches, Top Tournament Directors, and elite players all in for AMAs, and we’re still giving away money. We must be crazy!


FTR Member Only Tournaments

Tuesday the 30th brings us a PokerStars and FTR event, where you get to play your way to your part of a free $250. Must be the time of the month for the FTRStars250!

The event has $250 added, and it only costs $3.30 to play. The only other thing you need is the password, which will be released to FTR Qualified Members about an hour before the tournament begins at 21:00WET (16:00ET).

More Details are available here.


FlopTurnRiver AMA bonanza

We have the worlds foremost expert in the Mental Aspects of playing poker, Jared Tendler, available to answer your questions between 18:00 and 19:30 ET. Jared has coached many of the worlds best, and I learned this week, he also coaches Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene, who has been butting heads with Viktor Blom on the highest stakes PLO tables recently.

You can pop over the thread, and ask questions of this expert, and maybe get his help to work through your mental game blocks.

Wednesday also brings us André Coimbra, and his AMA. The Portuguese member of PkerStars Team Online is a former Magic: The Gathering World Champion, and he recently threw away his SuperNova Elite status on PokerStars to give his $100 to $100,000 challenge a level playing field to start from.

Pop over to the thread and ask him a question or two, in Portuguese or English.

The last of these top quality AMAs we’re bringing you this week is Simon Trumper. Simon is joining us on Saturday at 9PM UK (16:00EST) mainly to discuss the upcoming ISPT event being held at Wembley in London. Simon is acting as the Tournament Director for this event, and wants to answer any questions people may still have about this event.

Come and ask about what might be the only Poker Event to ever grace the green turf of the home of football.


Free Money to try out Full Tilt Poker

 I can’t believe we’re still offering this, and it has to come to an end sometime soon, but you can still get $10 free to try out Full Tilt Poker.

To claim it, click on the banner, or click here for more information.

That’s your lot for this week, not that you should be unsatisfied, free money, and three of the top names in poker all willing to answer your questions. We really do spoil you, but if you do have any questions, head over to the thread on the forum, and I’ll see if I can answer them.