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This past week was a very exciting week in the world of high stakes online poker for all at FlopTurnRiver as our very own nutsinho was in the middle of all the action.  The majority of last week’s action was found on PokerStars’ $200/$400 No Limit Hold ‘Em tables.

In this week’s largest pot, Deldar182 was on the button, RaiseOnce was in the small blind, and nutsinho was in the big blind.  Deldar182 min-raised to $800, RaiseOnce three-bet to $2800, and nutsinho four-bet to $8,400.  Deldar182 folded but RaiseOnce made the call out of position.  The flop came 6h8h3s with a pot of $17,600.  RaiseOnce checked and nutsinho’s bet of $9,200 was check-raised to $27,600.  Nutsinho shoved the rest of his chips into the pot and with RaiseOnce’s call, the two players were all-in for a $153,582 pot.  The turn was a Ts and the river was a Qs.  RaiseOnce showed KhQh for a pair of queens (and a busted flush draw) while nutsinho showed TcTd for a set of tens.  The largest pot of the week belonged to nutsinho.

In a heads-up hand between RaiseOnce and Deldar182, the money would go all-in before the flop even came out.  RaiseOnce raised to $1,200, Deldar182 reraised to $4,400, RaiseOnce four-bet to $10,800, and Deldar182 shoved all $55,790 of his stack.  RaiseOnce called and his pocket jacks were ahead of Deldar182’s pocket tens.  RaiseOnce’s pocket jacks held up on the 9h2c4d8s6h board and he was $111,580 richer.

Pocket pairs proved to get a lot of action last week as seen in this pot.  In the three-way pot, RaiseOnce was on the button, Deldar182 was in the small blind, and nutsinho was in the big blind.  RaiseOnce raised to $1,200 Deldar182 folded, nutsinho three-bet to $4000, and RaiseOnce four-bet to $9,600.  Nutsinho made the call and the flop was 9cJh2d with a $19,400 pot.  Nutsinho check-raised all-in and shoved his $39,598 stack after RaiseOnce’s bet.  RaiseOnce called and his pocket queens were ahead of nutsinho’s pocket tens.  The turn 5h and river Ah left nutsinho behind RaiseOnce and gave RaiseOnce the $98,596 pot.

In our last pot, RaiseOnce and nutsinho were playing heads-up with RaiseOnce on the button.  RaiseOnce raised to $1,200 and was three-bet to $4,000 by nutsinho.  RaiseOnce made the call and the flop was Ah3hAs.  Nutsinho bet $4,400 into the $8,000 pot and RaiseOnce called.  The Qh peeled on the turn putting a potential flush on board.  Nutsinho bet $7,900 into the $16,800 pot and RaiseOnce raised enough to put the rest of nutsinho’s $29,694 stack all-in.  nutsinho called and showed AdKd for trip aces, but RaiseOnce turned over 4h2h for the turned flush.  The river 7s did not help nutsinho and RaiseOnce took the $91,986 pot.