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Last week, High Stakes poker saw the comeback of player Brian Hastings.  He put in a huge session last week to win $267,450.  Other players that did well include kingsofcards and THENUTHUNTER.  Most of this week’s high stakes action was on Full Tilt Poker on tables as low as $200/$400 and as high as $500/$1000.


In last week’s largest pot, Brian Hastings’ AsQd was heads-up against Isildur1’s Kh9c on a $200/$400 table.  Isildur1 was on the button and raised to $1,200.  Hastings three-bet to make it $4,000 and Isildur1 called.  The flop came JdTsTh, a paired board giving both players gutshot straight draws with Hastings drawing to the higher straight.  Hastings bet $4,800 and Isildur1 raised it to $12,600.  Hastings called and saw the 2h come out on the turn.  Hastings check-called Isildur1’s $20,600 bet with nothing but a gutshot straight draw.  The river was an Ad to which Hastings checked again and faced a $53,245.50 decision after Isildur1 shoved into the $74,400 pot.  Hastings called the bet with his pair of aces and saw he caught Isildur1’s bluff; the $180,891 pot was Hastings’.

At a $500/$1,000 table, kingsofcards and Patrik Antonius were playing heads-up.  On the button, kingsofcards raised to $3,000 with AcJc and Antonius made the call with Th9s.  The flop was 5c3c9d giving kingsofcards a flush draw and Antonius a pair of nines.  Antonius check-raised kingsofcards’ $4,000 bet to $16,000 and kingsofcards semi-bluffed the rest of his $74,390 stack all-in with his overcards and flush draw.  Antonius made the call but saw his chances at winning the $162,780 pot dwindle as a Jd came on the turn.  All was lost for Antonius on the 6c river and kingsofcards took the pot.


Only an hour after the biggest pot of the week, Brian Hastings was able to take in another huge pot at the same table against Isildur1.  The action was raised to $1,800 by Hastings on the button with his pocket deuces.  Isildur1 three-bet his KhQs to $6,600 and Hastings called in position.  The flop was perfect for Hastings: 2hQhTd.  He hit his set and his opponent had top pair with a king kicker.  Isildur1 bet $7,800 into the $13,200 pot and Hastings smooth called.  The turn was a 5h and Isildur1 bet $17,600.  Hastings shoved his $62,994 stack all-in and Isildur1 called with his pair of queens.  Isildur1 was disappointed to see the river was not a heart but instead a Ks to give him two-pair.  Unfortuantely, the two-pair was not strong enough to beat Hastings’ set and Hastings took the $154,788 pot.


Brian Hastings was not the only one to capitalize on Isildur1’s play.  Later the same night as Hastings’ match against Isildur1, THENUTHUNTER sat with Isildur1 and also played heads-up.  On the button, Isildur1 raised to $1,800 with Ks3s and THENUTHUNTER three-bet to $6,600.  Isildur1 called and saw the 6s7hTs flop give him a flush draw.  THENUTHUNTER bet $10,200 into the $13,200 pot and Isildur1 raised to $43,800.  THENUTHUNTER shoved all-in to $67,590.75 with his overpair and Isildur1 made the call.  Neither the Qc on the turn nor the Jh on the river improved Isildur1 and he lost another big pot, this time to THENUTHUNTER.


Only fifteen minutes later, Isildur1 was involved in another huge pot.  Patrik Antonius was on the button at a $500/$1,000 table and raised to $3,000 with his KhJh.  Isildur1 three-bet to $10,000 with 6c3c and Antonius called.  The flop was 7h4h6s giving Antonius a flush draw & overcards and Isildur1 a pair of sixes.  Isildur1 bet $14,000 and Antonius raised enough to put Isildur1’s $63,499 stack all-in.  Isildur1 made the call with his middle pair and Antonius knew he needed a heart, a king, or a jack to win.  None of Antonius’ fifteen outs came and Isildur1 won the $146,998 after the Ad and Ac on the turn and river cementer his win.