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High Stakes action was at its best this week as Isildur1 kept on competing with the game’s elite.  With the game’s elite, a Swede that is ready to take on anybody, and the action-packed game of pot-limit Omaha, the pots were bigger than ever this week.

In this week’s biggest pot, Isildur1 was going heads-up against Phil Ivey.  Ivey raised to $3,000 on the button and was three-bet to $9,000 by Isildur’s KcKd4d5h.  Ivey reraised to $27,000 and Isildur1 flatted.  The JsKsJd flop gave Isildur1 the second nuts, kings full of jacks.  Isildur1 checked as did Ivey.  The turn was a Td, another possible flush draw on the board.  Isildur1 check-raised to $177,000 and Ivey called.  The pot on the river was already a huge $408,000.  However, the action didn’t stop there as Isildur1 bet the pot and Ivey called for less ($359,977.75).  Isildur1 showed his full house and Ivey mucked; the second-biggest pot ever played online ($1,127,955) was Isildur1’s.

Phil Ivey wasn’t the only Full Tilt pro to take a shot at the anonymous Swede.  Ziigmund also got into a huge pot with him and won.  On the button, Isildur1 raised to $3,000 with Ac6d3h2s and was reraised to $9,000 by Ziigmund’s QsJsJh9d.  Isildur called and saw the TcQh3c flop give him a pair of threes.  Ziigmund would bet the pot with his pair of queens and straight draw.  Looking to take the pot right there, Isildur1 raised to $56,000 but Ziigmund called.  The turn was a Ks giving Ziigmund the straight.  He would check his straight and see Isildur1 try to win the pot again with a bet of $96,000.  Looking to get more value out of Isildur1’s bluffs, Ziigmund simply called.  A 4h landed on the river to ensure Ziigmund had the second nuts.  Again, trying to win the pot, Isildur1 bets the pot ($322,000) at the wrong time and gets called by Ziigmund’s $193,494 stack.  Ziigmund won the $708,988 pot.

In another pot between Isildur1 and Phil Ivey, Phil Ivey would get payback from the earlier hand.  With AhAsJc2h, Ivey raised to $3,000 and was three-bet to $9,000 by Isildur1’s AdKhQd7c.  Again, Ivey would four-bet to $27,000, but this time Isildur1 reraised to $81,000.  Ivey raised again to $243,000 and Isildur1 called leaving $104,489.50 in his stack.  Unfortunately for Isildur1, the flop was Ac4d9s giving him top-pair, top-kicker but giving Ivey a set of aces.  Isildur1 check-called Ivey’s shove and saw the bad news.  The Qh and 6c turn and river did not help Isildur1 and Ivey took the $694,979 pot.

Phil Ivey and Isildur1 would again find themselves in another huge pot.  On the button, Phil Ivey raised to $3,000 with AhQhTd6d.  Isildur1 three-bet to $9,000 with AcKhJdTh, Ivey four-bet to $27,000, and Isildur1 called.  The Qc6cJs flop hit both players giving Ivey top-pair, top-kicker with a gutshot straight draw and giving Isildur1 second-pair, top-kicker with a bigger straight draw.  The stacks would go all-in on the flop.  Unfortunately for Ivey, Isildur1 would catch up with an ace of spades on the river to complete the straight.  Isildur1 shipped the $579,974.50 pot his way.

With Isildur1 on the high stakes scene now, pots have gotten a lot bigger and quickly.  More action is sure to come in the future.  Be sure to keep up with all the high stakes action on FlopTurnRiver!