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High stakes action was huge last week as railbirds saw a pot totaling over $250,000 and four pots over $100,000.  Players such as Tom Dwan, Patrik Antonius, kingsofcards, and FlopTurnRiver’s very own nutsinho took part in the action this week.  Most of this week’s larger pots were at the $200/$400 level and ranged up to the $500/$1000 level.

This week’s biggest pot was between High Stakes Poker regular Patrik Antonius and kingsofcards at one of Full Tilt Poker’s $500/$1000 tables with the two players playing heads-up.  With Patrik Antonius on the button, the action was raised to $3000 preflop.  Kingsofcards three-bet to $12,000 and Antonius called.  Accompanied by a $24,000 pot, the flop came Qh3s6h .  Kingsofcards put out a $13,400 bet that was called by Antonius.  The turn came a Th, kingsofcards bet $19,600, and Antonius called.  The river was a 5c which kingsofcards shoved for the rest of Antonius’ $83,797 stack.  Antonius made the call and saw that he lost to kingsofcards’ flush (Jh8h).  The $257,594 pot was won by kingsofcards.

FlopTurnRiver’s nutsinho was playing Tom Dwan heads-up on PokerStars’ $200/$400 table.  Nutsinho’s $59,354 seemed tiny compared to the $168,856 that Dwan had at the table.  Nutsinho was on the button and raised to $1,200.  Dwan three-bet to $3,600 and nutsinho called.  The flop read 2sAsKd and Dwan’s $4,300 bet was raised to $10,101.  Dwan called and a 7s peeled on the turn which was checked through.  The last card was the Ad.  Dwan check-raise shoved nutsinho all-in after nutsinho bet $12,000.  Nutsinho called for the rest of his $33,853 stack.  Dwan showed Ac7d for a full house and took the $119,106 pot.

At Full Tilt Poker’s $300/$600 table, THENUTHUNTER and BROGSKi were heads-up.  On the button, THENUTHUNTER raised to $1,800 and BROGSKi three-bet to $6,000.  THENUTHUNTER called and the flop came out QsQd6c.  BROGSKi bet $7,250 into the $12,000 pot and THENUTHUNTER called.  The turn Tc was checked through and the river Ks peeled.  BROGSKi bet $18,950 and THENUTHUNTER shoved his $46,150 stack.  BROGSKi called and lost to THENUTHUNTER’s trips with QhTh.  The $118,800 was shipped to THENUTHUNTER.

An interestingly played hand makes for online poker’s fourth biggest pot of the week.  At a $200/$400 table, K0STYA_Spb and HUMZIE were playing heads-up.  HUMZIE raised to $1,200 from the button and K0STYA_Spb reraised to $4,800.  The 5dTh2s flop saw HUMZIE’s stack be risked after his $9,600 bet was minraised to $19,200.  HUMZIE’s $46,791.50 stack and pair of fives (5s4c) were at risk against K0STYA_Spb’s pocket kings.  Neither the Ts turn nor the 8c river helped HUMZIE and K0STYA_Spb won $103,183.

Last week’s final +$100,000 pot is another hand from HUMZIE and K0STYA_Spb’s $200/$400 heads-up session with HUMZIE on the button again.  HUMZIE completed his small blind and K0STYA_Spb raised to $1,600.  HUMZIE made the call and saw the 8c7s6d flop.  K0STYA_Spb bet $2,400, HUMZIE minraised to $4,800, and K0STYA_Spb three-bet to $15,000.  At this point, HUMZIE shoved all his chips into the pot to put the rest of K0STYA_Spb’s $33,598.25 stack at risk.  K0STYA_Spb called with pocket nines and a straight draw only to be behind HUMZIE’s made straight (5h4h).  The Ac and As on the turn and river did not help K0STYA_Spb and HUMZIE took the $100,396.50 pot.