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Lots of action was seen this week in poker.  Much of this action was between OMGClayAiken and kingsofcards.  Of course, Tom Dwan was in many of this week’s largest pots.

The first pot is between all three of these young online hotshots.  At a $500/$1000 Full Tilt NLHE table, OMGClayAiken, kingsofcards, and durrrr were playing three-handed.  Durrrr was on the button and raised the action to $3000.  OMGClayAiken called in the small blind only to see kingsofcards squeeze to $13,500.  Both durrrr and OMGClayAiken made the call.  The pot amounted to $40,500 and the flop read Qh2cTc.  OMGClayAiken checked to kingsofcards who bet $16,400.  Durrrr called and OMGClayAiken folded.  The turn card was a 2s and was checked through.  The pot remained $73,300.  The river card was a Js.  Kingsofcards went all-in (he had durrrr’s $69,100 stack covered).  Durrrr called and lost to kingsofcards straight (AsKc).  Kingsofcards raked in this week’s biggest pot at $211,500.

Earlier on the same table, kingsofcards and OMGClayAiken were playing heads-up.  On the button, kingsofcards raised to $3000 and OMGClayAiken called.  With a flop of Qh6s4s, OMGClayAiken checked to kingsofcards who made it $4,600.  OMGClayAiken check-raised to $13,800 and kingsofcards called.  The turn came a 4h and OMGClayAiken checked to kingsofcards who made it $18,700.  Again, OMGClayAiken check-raised, this time shoving his $81,863.75 stack.  Kingsofcards made the call and showed 9d6d for a pair of sixes.  OMGClayAiken showed his 8h5h for a flush draw and an inside-straight draw.  The river 8s completed none of these draws but instead gave OMGClayAiken a larger pair with a pair of eights; the $197,327.50 pot was his to enjoy.

Another large pot in the same session had the same positional set-up our last hand.  Kingsofcards raised on the button to $3,000 and OMGClayAiken called.  On the 8dQc7h flop, it was checked to kingsofcards and he made it $4,600 to continue; OMGClayAiken made the call.  The 9c on the turn was checked by OMGClayAiken. Kingsofcards made it $12,600.  OMGClayAiken called and a Qs was seen on the river.  Again, action was checked to kingsofcards who made it $28,600.  OMGClayAiken called and saw he was beat by kingsofcards’ JcTc.  He had made a straight on the turn.  Kingsofcards took home the $97,600 pot.

A $200/$400 NLHE table on PokerStars brought High Stakes Poker pro David Benyamine (BenyamineX), Tom Dwan (Hold_emNL), and RaiseOnce together.  RaiseOnce was on the button with BenyamineX and Dwan in the big blind.  RaiseOnce raised to $1,200 and BenyamineX three-bet to $4,800.  Dwan folded and RaiseOnce made the call on the button.  The flop came JdTc6c and Benyamine led out to $6,400.  RaiseOnce raised Benyamine’s bet to $19,600.  David Benyamine would make the call.  A Kh came out on the turn and BenyamineX checked.  RaiseOnce put David Benyamine’s $53.598 stack all-in and BenyamineX called.  Benyamine showed AcQc for the nut straight.  The river was a Qh and Benyamine took the $156,394 pot.

This week’s biggest winners included both kingsofcards and David Benyamine.  Kingsofcards was this week’s top winner, winning $237,220.  David Benyamine was the eighth largest winner, winning $52,184.  Congratulations to both players.  Follow us next week for more high stakes action!