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Another week of poker has come to a close.  This past week, there was a lot of action at the $500/$1000 NLHE tables on Full Tilt Poker.  Most of the action was during this week’s heads-up matches between Patrik Antonius and kingsofcards, but some involved players such as Phil Ivey and POKERBLUFFS.

In the biggest and definitely most interesting pot of the week, Patrik Antonius showed off his amazing hand reading skills.  With Antonius in the small blind, POKERBLUFFS in the big blind, and kingsofcards on the button, kingsofcards raised to $2,400.  Antonius three-bet the action to $8,200.  POKERBLUFFS folded and kingsofcards made the call to see a flop.  The flop was Jh4c6s and Antonius led with a $12,000 bet that kingsofcards called.  The turn was a 2c putting a flush draw on the board.  Antonius check-raised kingsofcards’ $28,200 bet on the turn to $126,000 which kingsofcards called.  The jack of diamonds came on the river putting a pair on the board.  Antonius checked to kingsofcards again who put Antonius’ $101,312 stack at risk by going all-in.  Antonius made the call and showed king-high (KcTc) to beat kingsofcards’ eight-high (8c5c).  Amazingly, Antonius read kingsofcards very well and put him on a stone-cold bluff after missing his flush draw and took the $496,024 pot.

Patrik Antonius won this week’s second-largest pot as well; again against kingsofcards.  With kingsofcards on the button (again), Phil Ivey in the small blind, and Patrik Antonius in the big blind, kingsofcards raised the pre-flop action to $3,500.  Phil Ivey folded and Patrik Antonius three-bet to $11,000.  Antonius’ three-bet was repopped to $27,600. Antonius called.  The flop came a 6h8s5c which was checked to kingsofcards who bet $29,400. Antonius again called.  The 2d on the turn was checked through.  The river brought the 2s which paired the board.  Once again, Antonius checked the action to kingsofcards who shoved the rest of his $166.782.25.  Patrik Antonius made the call and showed a pocker pair of jacks.  Kingsofcards only had a pair of eights (Ah8c) and lost the $448,064 pot.

Kingsofcards would soon get his revenge.  In a heads-up hand between Antonius and kingsofcards, kingsofcards was on the button and raised to $3,000, which Antonius called.  The flop was 7cAcJd and the action was checked to kingsofcards.  Kingsofcards bet $5,000 and Antonis called.  The turn was a nine of spades which put a potential flush on the board.  Antonius checked, kingsofcards bet $12,400, and Antonius called.  The queen of hearts on the river led to a lot of action.  Antonius checked to kingsofcards who bet $23,700 and was check-raised to $82,000.  Kingsofcards shoved the rest of his $165,898.50 stack and Antonius called.  Kingsofcards showed Qc3c for the flush and Antonius mucked.  Kingsofcards was $419,997 richer.

In the last hand of our glimpse into the Antonius vs. kingsofcards rivalry, we find a blind vs. blind battle.  POKERBLUFFS and Phil Ivey both fold in front of kingsofcards and Antonius.   From the small blind, kingsofcards raises Antonius’ big blind to $3,500.  Antonius three-bet to $10,500 which kingsofcards four-bet to $28,200.  Antonius made the call with position on kingsofcards.  The flop read 4d9cJc and kingsofcards bet $31,400.  Antonius put kingsofcards’ $115,392 stack all-in and kingsofcards called.  Antonius was caught semi-bluffing with a flush draw 6c5c while kingsofcards held Kc9s for middle pair, king-kicker.  The turn and river were both blanks for Antonius (5h, 8s) and kingsofcards took the $349,983 pot.