After close to a half day’s worth of play, timkrank has earned the coveted golden jersey in FTOPS Event #33.

As is typical for a rebuy-style tournament, the registration total was not overwhelmingly high. Once the gates were closed, only 1,949 players had posted the necessary $150 + $13 entry fee. However, thanks to an impressive 2,501 rebuys ($150 for 2,000 chips) and 1,518 add-ons (2,500 chips for $150), Event #33 shattered its $750,000 guarantee. By the time these extra options cut off at the fifth blind level, the total prize pool had stretched to $895,200.

In the end, it was timkrank who took home the lion’s share of this particular pot.

The final nine finished as follows…

#1 – timkrank ($184,411.20)
#2 – theman2892 ($121747.20)
#3 – berkey11 ($90,415.20)
#4 – nicos11 ($70,720.80)
#5 – Annette_15 ($52,816.80)
#6 – foldimo  ($36,703.20)
#7 – WHENTHUGSCRY (22,380.00)
#8 – spikedag ($15,218.40)
#9 – BIGFLOPPER01 ($10,742.40)

Of the nearly 2,000 players who entered, the top 189 were compensated for their efforts. The minimum payout was set at $984.72 which, depending on a player’s rebuy and add on totals, could come as either a minimum return or a sizable gain.

While Annette_15 was the only Full Tilt pro to make the final table, there were several other big names who managed to land in the money. Foremost among these was Damian Salas, whose 37th place finish earned $2,103.72. Close behind was Jani Vilmunen, who netted the same prize after a 42nd place elimination. Vilmunen, actually, was the last of three pro’s eliminated in succession. TheWacoKidd was knocked out in 43rd, immediately preceded by Scott Fischman in 44th. All earned the same $2,000-plus payday.

Also clocking during the money was Erica Schoenberg in 77th ($1,432.32) and Erich Kollmann in 98th (1,253.28). Host John Dolan was the final pro to squeak in, earning $948.72 with an elimination in 141st place.

Some of the big names who fell short were Scott Clements (249th), David Pham (456th), Vitaly Lunkin (811th), Marco Liesy (888th), Andrew Feldman (1,006th), Lee Watkinson (1,388th), Andrew Black (1,699th), and Ram Vaswani (1,739th).