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There’s been some great World Series of Poker stories this year, and so it makes sense to add another one to the collection during this week’s Titan Poker update. In my articles I keep mentioning the satellites that Titan offers and the numerous players that receive prize packages to prestigious live events, but I’ve yet to follow up and write a success story about any of these people. Today I’m going to write about a British man who only recently found poker and was lucky enough to play in the World Series Main Event as his first ever live tournament!

The man’s name is Martyn Sands and he is a British man living in Greece as a diving instructor. When I say that he only recently found poker, I am not exaggerating as he’s only been playing since March of this year. He must have run hot when he first started as he won a fair amount online at Titan Poker, playing up to five hours a day every day after discovering the game. He decided to take a shot at a Main Event satellite, got lucky, and won a prize package to Las Vegas to play in his first live event.

You’ve probably already heard that the Main Event attracted over 6,800 people this year, and Sands outlasted over 6,200 of them to place in 577th place, which was good for $23,160 in winnings. Now, generally it’s a bad idea to go ahead and take advice from someone who’s only been playing Hold’em for 3 months, but it’s hard to resist when it’s from a man who cashed his first ever live tournament, especially when it’s the WSOP ME. Sands claims that his success was 75% skill and 25% luck, and that he took advantage of player tells and other psychology during his run. He also suggests that it is important to develop a ‘poker face’ for live events.

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