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Getting their players to live poker tournaments is the name of the game on Titan Poker right now. No matter where in the world the tournaments go down, you can be assured that Titan Poker will have players representing them. Coming up soon, Titan Poker will be sending players to a multitude of places, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, and China. As always, Titan Poker aims to please their players, as they continue to send them to locations all over the world.

Titan Poker is gearing up to send players to beautiful Dublin, Ireland, for the Irish Winter Festival. Not only will players who win packages to the Irish Winter Festival get to enjoy the beautiful city of Dublin, but they’ll gain entry into the Irish Masters main event. The main event is estimated to have a €1,000,000 prize pool. Reuben Peters won it last year, and took home €532,620 for first place, so there will be plenty of money to play for. The players who win packages won’t only be playing in the Irish masters main event, but they’ll be enjoying four nights at Dublin’s City West Hotel, will have their flights paid for, and will have spending money to enjoy Dublin. On top of all of that, players sent by Titan Poker will have a private welcome party at the Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar, a brewery tour, dinner, and will be treated to a live band show! The packages are worth $4,500, and that includes your buy-in to the main event ($2,600), and accommodations, flights, and spending money. From the 8th of July to the 14th of October, Super Satellites will be running every Sunday and Tuesday. Players are able to buy into these satellites directly for $55, or win their way in through the extremely affordable sit n’ go and qualifier satellites that run daily. The Irish Masters will be taking place from October 25th to October 27th, so don’t waste any time!

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour’s second season is fast approaching, with the first event in Macau, China going down in early September. As of now, there are nine players being sent by Titan Poker. They hail from all over the world, from Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Japan, France, and the Czech Republic. Titan Poker is still hosting Super Satellites to this event, on Sunday and Wednesday. These qualifiers will be going on until August 6th, so don’t waste any time! Players who are skilled and lucky enough to win an APPT Macau package (valued at $9k), won’t only win entry to the event, but will have six days at the StarWorld hotel, and $3k for travel and spending!

As has been previously mentioned in courtiebee’s coverage of Titan Poker, Titan Poker is working to send players to the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour as we speak! Titan is doing a great job with this, as they’re giving their players a ton of freedom all around. Not only are players able to satellite in for as little as $2.20, but, they’re also able to choose from one of four Grosvenor UK Poker Tour events if they do win! There will be an event in Luton from August 7 – August 10, Bolton from September 4th to September 7th, Thanet from October 16th – October 19th, and Blackpool from November 13th – November 16th. The Super Satellites to these events are running every Thursday, and they include your Main Event buy-in, which is worth roughly $2.1k, as well as up to $1.9k for flights, accommodations, and spending money. Now depending on the destination you’re shooting for, the super satellites for those events will be ending on different dates. They will be as such: Luton: July 29th, Bolton: August 26th, Thanet: September 30th, Blackpool: October 28th.

That is all for this week, be sure to check back next week when courtiebee resumes her coverage of Titan Poker.