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It’s the start of a new week, so it’s time for another Titan Poker update. Today I will talk about the third European Championship of Online Poker (ECOOP III), a popular series of events hosted by poker sites on the iPoker network.

ECOOP III will occur this November and take place over two weeks. There will be a total $4.15 million in prizes to be won, which is over half a million more than the last ECOOP, which was earlier this year in May.

The first ever ECOOP took place in December 2007, lasting 10 days and awarding $2.5 million in total prizes. Online player wllkllu was the first player to win an ECOOP Main Event, winning $220,000 and the coveted ECOOP bracelet.

ECOOP II, as previously mentioned, had an increased total prize pool of $3.6 million and also lasted 10 days. If you got a chance to read about the Main Event in the FlopTurnRiver blogs this time around, you would have read that Jeanss89 took home the first prize of $315,000 and another ECOOP Main Event bracelet.

ECOOP III will take place over 14 days rather than the 10 from the previous championships. “We extended the tournament period to fourteen days to allow more time for our talented Titan Poker players to showcase their skill and play for the sensational rewards in offer,” said a Titan Poker representative. ECOOP will start on November 24th.

There is a September challenge taking place this month, and the prizes include ECOOP III seats as well as cash prizes. If a VIP player (silver and up) earns 10,000 or more points by September 17th, they will qualify for the $20,000 September Challenge tournament, taking place on September 19th. For full details, please click here. If you’re interested in information about ECOOP straight from Titan’s website, please click here.

One last thing: if you don’t have a Titan Poker account yet, be sure to sign up through Doing so will give you the chance to earn an exclusive sign up bonus – click here for details.