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Today’s Titan Poker update is about a 23-year-old player from France who won half a million dollars in the $2,500,000 Guaranteed Tournament that took place a few weeks ago on September 7th. Olivier ‘axp15’ Lombard won his seat mere days before the exclusive iPoker tournament, cashing in a free token to the last super satellite available for the tournament. Lombard said that he “nearly forgot” to play in the satellite for he was on vacation at the time. He was shocked when he won a seat and had to decide whether or not to cut his holiday short. He did what any real poker player would do and took his seat, accessing Titan Poker via remote internet access from Africa!

It took 14 hours from start to finish for Lombard to win the event. 1596 players participated and Lombard admits that he got lucky en route to his big cash. While he played a lot of cash on Titan prior to the big event, his tournament experience was very limited. “You almost always need a lot of tournament experience to win such huge events,” he said. Making the final table with so much money at stake didn’t cause him to lose focus, though. “I kept the stakes far from my mind and played as rationally as I could,” he recalled. “I made sure to change strategy often during the game, depending on the opponents and the blinds. Lady Luck also made an appearance at two key points in the tournament and thankfully turned the cards in my favor at the river.”

Lombard is a civil engineer from France and he plans on buying his first home with his winnings. His advice to other tournament players: “Never give up. Always go for number one. Don’t content yourself with just winning satellite seats. Focus on the game, keep the stakes out of your mind, and play your best.”

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