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Tom “durrrr” Dwan is one of poker’s hottest players, most known for his dominance of the online field. The internet poker superstar seems to be successful at every poker game he puts his hand to, and there are many who argue he’s the best currently playing in the world today. This week he played a few more hands of his famous durrrr challenge, and was briefly successful, but beyond that the young pro has had a rather soulcrushing week, dropping over $1,000,000 USD in seven days.

We’ll kick things off on a slightly more positive note, with the durrrr challenge. This is, of course, the wager that durrrr has opened to anyone in the poker community, with the sole exception of his friend Phil Galfond, which states that durrrr thinks he would come out on top after 50,000 hands of four-tabling heads-up online action. He’s very willing to put his money where his mouth is, too, offering $1.5 Million to any would-be challengers who come out ahead, and asking only $500,000 if he, durrrr, is the man on top at the end of the 50,000 hands.

So far only two challengers have stepped up, Patrik Antonius and another online sensation who goes by the screenname of jungleman12. The challenge against Antonius has been disappointingly slow, and durrrr is dominating, currently up $2,000,000. The poker community had their hope their revived with the announcement that jungleman12, a player who shows to similarly have talent at anything poker-related he puts his hand to, was going to take up the challenge.

Thus far it’s been fairly one-sided, with jungleman12 quickly pulling ahead and holding a lead of over $600,000. Things were fairly quiet on the challenge front until just this week, when excited fans gathered around their monitors as the two started to put in another session. Twenty minutes later, however, play ceased after only 258 hands. During this short time durrrr managed to rack up over $30,000 in profits, which is a small dent in jungleman12’s lead, but surely a step in the right direction.

This win was very much bucking the trend of durrrr’s week, unfortunately, with the poker star managing to drop seven figures in as many days. Last Thursday alone durrrr dropped over $550,000, the vast majority of it playing heads-up $300/$600 Pot Limit Omaha against cadillac1944, and $109,000 to famous poker pro Gus Hansen, playing the same game. Things were fairly quiet over the weekend but from monday onwards cash started leaking from his pockets again until he finally called it quits for a while, down over one million dollars.

While nobody’s immune to the loss of a million dollars, it’s safe to say that it hurt durrrr a lot less than it would, say, me. Let’s be honest I’d be happy if I had a million to lose in the first place, whereas durrrr was up around the $4 Million mark for profit from this year alone before the last week, and is now still sitting at third in the 2010 biggest online earners leaderboard, with $2.9 Million. Interestingly enough, with this downswing durrrr dropped from first place, and who has replaced him as king of the top-earners? None other than his durrrr challenge rival, jungleman12.

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