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Tom Dwan, otherwise know as “durrrr,” is known as one of the finest young players to emerge from the internet poker boom. Throughout 2008 he become notorious as a supremely successful high-stakes cash game player, racking up a total profit of $5.41 million over the year. His reputation, however, is under threat after it was revealed that his total losses for January 09 are over $3.5 million.

To lose over half your yearly profits in one month is some achievement, and it may be due to the fact that Dwan has made a habit of playing with the world’s finest players on a daily basis. Pros such as Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen have been reaping the rewards of the young gun’s dip in form, notching up profits of $2.7 and $2.2 million respectively in January.

Dwan has been in the spotlight ever since the year started, laying down an audacious challenge to his fellow high stakes players. Competing in either No Limit Hold ‘em or Pot Limit Omaha, Dwan would pit himself against anyone brave enough to take up his challenge, with Dwan receiving a bonus payment of $500,000 if finished up by at least $1, over the course of the session. However, if his opponent manages to come out on top by at least $1 he will be paid an extra $1,500,000 on top of his winnings. Despite his heavy losses early in the year, the challenge is still expected to take place in mid-February.

One of Tom’s perennial opponents, Gus Hansen, may be looking to invest his winnings into his new TV station. The free online video site, known as Gus TV, will provide a range of content – including poker strategy and guidance, as well as an insight into the life of one of the world’s most successful players. Gus believes that this new venture will give him “a fantastic opportunity for me to connect with my fans and supporters.”

The site is set to launch with a bang on February 21st, when Gus and his long time friend (and fellow pro) Theo Jorgensen face off in the boxing ring. Sick of constantly losing at squash to the leaner Hansen, Theo proposed a more physical form of competition – boxing. The event will be broadcast live on GusTV, with the winner pocketing $35,000. Despite being the smaller of the two men, Hansen certainly seems up for the challenge: “Beating up Theo in boxing will be much more enjoyable than winning over him in poker. The sweet taste of victory cannot even be made up in terms of money.” A trailer for the fight can be seen here.