The final table has been set at WPT Foxwoods with Tom Marchese leading the way. Marchese,  a high stakes online player known as “Kingsofcards”, is looking to add to his final table success after having won the North American Poker Tour (NAPT) Venetian Main Event earlier this year. He will go into the final table with more than one million chips more than his closest competitor.

Day 5 saw 12 remaining players get narrowed to six to set the final table. Some notable pros were amongst the players eliminated. First to go was Hoyt Corkins. Corkins, winner of two WSOP bracelets and two WPT titles, pushed all in with A6, only to be called by the AT of Mohsin Charania. It looked as if Corkins would luck out when the flop came Q-6-5, but running Ts would seal the hand for Charania and send Corkins home with $46,678.

PokerStars pro and WSOP bracelet winner Jason Mercier was the next elimination. Mercier found himself all in preflop with pocket nines, but to his dismay he was called by Keven Stammen, who showed pocket tens. A flop of 5-6-7 all clubs gave Mercier a bit of hope, with a gutshot straight draw. A club fell on the turn, giving Mercier hope of chopping the pot, as neither player held a club. A red J on the river was no help, though, and Mercier was eliminated in 11th place.

Soon after, Ben Krier shoved all in with A9 only to be reshoved on by Charania and shown AJ. Both players paired their A, but Krier’s kicker was not enough.

Marchese would be the one to eliminate the next player. Marchese opened under the gun and was called on the button by Christopher Bonta. On a flop of A-9-2, Marchese led out and Bonta moved all in over the top. Marchese quickly called and Bonta showed AQ. His hand was in bad shape, though, as Marchese flipped his AK. A turn 6 and river J would give Marchese the pot and eliminate Bonta in 9th place.

Marchese continued his dominance by eliminating  Beznik Ziba with K9 vs Ziba’s A5. On the turn, the board read Q-8-4-6 and Ziba seemed to be save, but a 9 on the river would end his day.

Last to go was Sorel “imper1um” Mizzi. Mizzi made a stand with AQ and was called by Charania’s pocket tens. An A on the flop gave Mizzi a commanding lead in the hand. A 5 on the turn only helped Mizzi’s hand, but a red ten on the river changed his fortune and gave Charania the hand.

Play will resume at 4 pm EST this afternoon with Marchese and five others fighting for a WPT title.

Here are the seat assignments and chip counts for the final table:

Seat1: Nikoli Yakovenko: 624,000
Seat 2: Jeff Forrest: 1,949,000
Seat 3: Thomas Marchese: 3,022,000
Seat 4: Dave Inselberg: 344,000
Seat 5: Keven Stammen: 341,000
Seat 6: Moshin Charania: 1,024,000