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“I Bet You” was a TV show which aired in 2007-2008 starring poker pros, Phil “The Unabomber” Laak and Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari. The series was produced for the MOJO HD network and ran for two seasons before the network went out of business on December 1, 2008.

The premise was simple, yet very interesting. Phil and Antonio wandered the streets of America betting each other on anything they could come up with. They wagered real money bets in the range of a few hundred dollars up to $5,000 per bet. The types of bets ranged anywhere from guessing someone’s age/weight/etc. to really specific and crazy bets like who is the better knight or who is the better jet pilot.

During the two seasons there were also a bunch of really hilarious bets which are summed up in this Top 10 list.

10. Ready For The Beach

While preparing for the main bet of the episode, Phil bet Antonio that he couldn’t get a random person to rub suntan lotion on his back. Unfortunately for Phil, his bet backfired on him when the guys flipped a coin for who would have 10 minutes to find a guy to rub the lotion on the loser’s back. Phil lost the flip, and even though he had to endure convincing a random guy to rub lotion on his back, the $1,000 bet seemed a sure win for him from the get go.

9. Is There a Frank Here?

If someone would ask you to find a guy named Frank on the streets of Vegas who has an ID on him that proves that he is a Frank, how hard do you think that would be? Turns out – pretty hard. Whoever finds the first Frank, gets $500!

8. Who’s The Drunkest Guy?

If you are out in a crowded street with a friend and for some reason have a breathalyzer on you, you might as well bet each other who can find the drunkest guy in the middle of the day. While in Vegas, Phil and Antonio did just that, though it turned out that there are not that many wasted people in Vegas in the middle of the day walking the streets. At one point, Antonio did spot a guy who couldn’t even walk, but for some reason he decided to pass on him.

7. How Many Hairs Can Antonio Pull Out?

While walking down the strip, Antonio and Phil came across some Russian Olympic ice skaters. The obvious bet – pull out some chest hairs from one of them and bet $500 on the over/under for the hair count!

6. I’m Not a Bum!

What’s the best way to feel embarrassed and humiliated? This bet is probably one of them. While in LA, Phil and Antonio each took turns panhandling in a set quadrant on Venice Beach. Whoever could hustle up more cash in 10 minutes would win $500.

Part 1:

Part 2:

5. Crazy Smile Guy

Apparently, in Vegas you can bet on anything. This includes finding a Hawaiian guy who likes to make people smile and betting on how many random people he can force to crack a smile in five minutes. Will Phil’s 64 and over bet be way too optimistic?

4. Who Has The Better Quadrant?

Want to test you persuasion skills some more? Following up on their LA panhandling bet, Phil and Antonio revamped their quadrant approach and made another bet in Miami. This time, both guys had their own quadrants side by side and a five minute clock running down to 0. Whoever had the most people in their quadrant when the clock hit 0, would win $1,000.

3. Convince Someone To Use Their Bathroom

Surely, it can’t be easy to walk over to a random house and convince the owner to let you use his bathroom. The guys ended up flipping a coin for it and this time it was Antonio who was on the wrong end of the flip. Antonio had three tries to convince someone to let him use their bathroom or he would be out a $1,000 and Phil was overjoyed about the easy money he was about to get.

2. Gone Fishing

While out camping, the guys bet $1,000 on who would catch the first fish. Seems easy enough until Phil suggested that the loser would also have to eat a worm. Antonio did not like the idea at all and managed to negotiate it down to half a worm. So would Antonio become the person who won the biggest tournament ever held and also eat a worm on TV?

1. Hustlers Gonna Hustle

While at Antonio’s place, the guys decided to play a four handed Hold’em game where the looser would have his legs waxed. However, the outcome of this game was pre-determined since Antonio had the luxury of playing with his own marked deck which he used for his magic tricks.

Part 1:

Part 2: