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Whether you watched them win world championships and WSOP bracelets on television or win millions of dollars playing high stakes poker online, at some time in your gambling career you’ve probably thought to yourself, “Hey, these poker players are pretty cool!”

That being said, while we all might admire and look up to these famous poker players, let’s face it, they aren’t exactly the most scrupulous people in the world. Addiction, legal problems, outstanding debts and horrible financial management—these players suffer from all of these things and more. Yes, it’s fun to watch them battle it out for six-figure pots and yes, most of these people are brilliant, but would you really want them in charge of your city, state, or country? We didn’t think so.

Check out our list below to see eight poker players you don’t want running for public office. One of them, surprisingly enough, is already an elected member of the European Parliament! We weep for the future.

1. Gus Hansen
We hate to attack the Great Dane while he’s down, but have you looked at his career online poker earnings lately? He may have been voted one of People Magazine’s 50 Sexiest Men in 2004, but the tables—both real and virtual—have been unkind to Mr. Hansen as of late. According to HighStakesDatabase, Hansen is currently down a whopping $18,418,235! If you think the current debt crisis in Greece is bad, imagine if Gussy boy was in control of things. Yikes!

2. Phil Hellmuth
Phil is a big enough ass on camera during poker events; can you imagine what he would be like with real power? If you want to see an inside look at The Poker Brat’s megalomania, you need look no further than his Caesar Entrance at the 2009 WSOP Main Event. Et tu, Brute? Something tells us there would be a revolution.

3. Ilari Sahamies
Can you imagine the trash talking that would go on at the public debates during the election? Ziigmund might be a fun person to party with, but his reckless style of play and explosive personality would lead to a short-lived political career. Napoleon had his Hundred Days whereas Ziggy would probably last about six.

4. Phil Ivey
While he might be the greatest living poker player in the world, it’s hard to watch him bet $100k a roll at craps and think, “This is a stable guy.” He would probably do your country some good, but can you really sleep well at night knowing your president is gambling away the GDP of a small country every night? We love you Phil, but we don’t know if we could vote for you.

5. Tony G
Tony G is a foul-mouthed, angle-shooting maniac of a player who has little regard for rules or regulations. Can you imagine if Tony G was elected to public office? We shudder to even think about it. Wait, what’s that you say? Tony G has already been elected as a member of the European Parliament? Brace for it, friends—the Apocalypse is here.

6. Howard Lederer
With an easy smile, honest demeanor and high intelligence, Howard Lederer could play the part of a politician—one you want to trust in what he says. Next thing you know, however, “The Professor” has skipped town with all of the money and your country and people are left penniless and in crippling debt. News later comes out that he was running a scam the whole time. Oh, wait… that already happened.

7. Stu Ungar
I live in Toronto and believe me when I say this, you don’t want a drug-addled politician in power. If Stu’s raging cocaine habit was bad before, imagine it with a billion dollar budget. Ungar’s crass attitude and arrogance wouldn’t win over too many voters, either. We think “The Kid” is a poker and gin legend, but he couldn’t even take care of himself, much less a city or a country.

8. Isildur1
Is he the best NLHE player in the world? Possibly. Is he also a sick degenerate who plays anyone, anytime, regardless of advantage or bankroll? Abso-freaking-lutely! Viktor Blom is undeniably entertaining, but his reckless, risk-prone behavior could lead to World War III. If push comes to shove, we’d probably back him, but we’re content with the status quo, thank you very much.