Another exiting weekend in online poker as more and more players are settling into the grind that comes between summers and as a result, more and more players are filling up the biggest tournaments of the week at PokerStars and Full Tilt, creating some impressive prize pools.

At PokerStars this weekend was even more special with the celebration of the 800 Million tournament which featured a $1M guaranteed prize pool, but for now, let’s check out the Sunday Warm-Up.

For the third straight week the Sunday Warm-Up is seeing an increase in the number of players participating and this week was no different. The final number was 3510 players and after hours of battle, only 3 were left standing and talking deal. “luckysir” from the UK was in last chip position and received $74,768.32 for his efforts, while “P0kerBrain” from Germany and “likely2cash” from New Zealand were pretty close receiving $86,195.18 and $89,299.50 respectively. “P0kerBrain” couldn’t hold on for long though as he was knocked out first after the deal was struck. After that “likely2cash” was left with a massive chip lead and easily closed out the tournament for his first Sunday Major win!

The Sunday Million also saw another increase in the player pool, bumping the guaranteed prize pool to almost $1.5M. This time the remaining 4 players decided to play it safe and struck a deal. “jonna10” from Belgium received $148,000.00 and was knocked out in 4th place, “ManiacRazor” from Denmark received $142,000.00 and had to settle for third. “mindgamer” from Austria was the short stack at the moment the deal was struck and received just $129,000.00. He did manage to outlast two of his competitors, but eventually he was knocked out in second place by the winner of the tournament – “semaj2” from Ireland who received $168,227.65 from the deal.

And of course, let’s not forget the 800 Million Celebration $1M GTD tournament. More than 20,000 players put up $109 each for a chance at the biggest score of the weekend and for a few of them the dream came true. No deals were made as “tupac_srj” from Belgium defeated “environ” from Norway in a quick heads up battle and won the first place prize of $216,358.95, while “environ” had to settle for second place and $160,769.68!

Action at Bovada Poker was also pretty good, and as usual the Super – Sized Sunday was one of the main tournaments to watch out for. In this tournament players also skipped out on deals and played it out as it is. Eventually heads up was between “DouglasFerreira” from Brazil and “RDanneskjoldR” from Portugal and this time the Brazilian came out on top, winning the $28,026.00 first place prize, while “RDanneskjoldR” received $17,646.00 for his efforts.

The $250K Guarantee had even bigger prizes at stake and this time the last two players opted to play it safe and split the remaining prize pool before playing it out until the end. “WMACHINE” from Sweden had the commanding chip lead and received $51,909.20 out of the deal, while “Vinkyy” from the Czech Republic received $43,129.00. At no point did “WMACHINE” let go of his grip on this tournament and after a short heads up session finally closed out this tournament.

And last, but not least was The Sunday Brawl where online pro “j__thaddeus” from Ireland went head to head with “56vn11” from Germany for the $49,840.00 first place prize. Unsurprisingly, “j__thaddeus” opted out of any deals as his experience in online tournament made him the clear favorite in this heads up battle, but he might have regretted that decision later as “56vn11” managed to beat him and take down the $49,840.00 first place prize, while “j__thaddeus” had to settle for second place and $33,193.44!

Sunday Warm-Up

$215 buy-in
3510 runners
$702,000 prize pool

1. likely2cash $89,299.50*
2. luckysir $74,768.32*
3. P0kerBrain $86,195.18*
4. Josh1047 $40,365.00
5. DonkCommited $29,835.00
6. AA DOCTOR $22,815.00
7. Big Fella GW $15,795.00
8. 4better $8,775.00
9. catostar $5,616.00

Sunday Million

$215 buy-in
7464 runners
$1,492,800 prize pool

1. semaj2 $168,227.65*
2. mindgamer $129,000.00*
3. ManiacRazor $142,000.00*
4. jonna10 $148,000.00*
5. gortsos $61,204.80
6. Schmitzen $46,276.80
7. Golfdish $32,095.20
8. puan29 $17,913.60
9. realquiz $11,569.20

800 Million Celebration $1M GTD

$109 buy-in
21635 runners
$2,163,500 prize pool

1. tupac_srj $216,358.95
2. environ $160,769.68
3. VitinhO Dzi $108,175.00
4. MendaLerenda $86,540.00
5. miami1984 $64,905.00
6. AirBusA $43,270.00
7. Mightyf00l $30,397.17
8. hateblondies $19,471.50
9. theNERDguy $12,981.00

Super-Sized Sunday

$635 buy-in
173 runners
$103,800 prize pool

1. DouglasFerreira $28,026.00
2. RDanneskjoldR $17,646.00
3. Mrluckypants $13,234.50
4. Kask123 $10,380.00
5. Gettin Daize $7,785.00
6. MegaOlegator $5,709.00
7. TMoney209 $3,892.50
8. MoormanI $3,114.00
9. Vinkyy $2,335.50

$250K Guarantee

$215 buy-in
1,427 runners
$285,400 prize pool

1. WMACHINE $51,909.20*
2. Vinkyy $43,129.00*
3. Femmeonfelt $27,113.00
4. Forellen $20,263.40
5. bobby kraut $15,126.20
6. rubenrtv $11,130.60
7. noirduck $8,276.60
8. RuDyBoY X $5,993.40
9. StreetVillain $4,252.46

The Sunday Brawl

$255 buy-in
1,219 runners
$243,800 prize pool

1. 56vn11 $49,840.00
2. j__thaddeus $33,193.44
3. Palmero92 $23,674.00
4. Lordjosejose $17,693.20
5. Callyoudownn $13,207.60
6. MrKrabbs $9,718.80
7. MavFish $7,226.80
8. Keinebeine $5,233.20
9. Gunslinger3 $3,738.00