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Remember how many times I’ve babbled on and on about this special and great tournament that was coming up at PokerStars? Remember also how many times I said that this tournament was so great, that you would not even need real money to enter, just FPPs? Remember also that I said that you could turn just about 2,000 FPPs into a brand-spanking new Porsche Cayman S?

Well, the tournament I was reffering to is going down tomorrow. That’s right, the PokerStars Special Turbo Takedown will take place on Sunday, May 31 at exactly 14:30 ET.

In recap:

As cool as that may be, that is definitely not all though. The prize pool of the anniversary turbo takedown will still be $1,000,000, but the entrance has been lowered from 5,000 FPPs to just 2,000 FPPs. That’s right; you could potentially win a Porsche Cayman S for just 2,000 FPPs. To put it in perspective, a deck of PokerStars cards from the FPP store costs 1,200 FPPs. That is how insane this deal is.

Note though, the tournament is capped at 30,000 players, with 1 in 3 receiving prizes. You could also qualify to play in this amazing tourney through one of the PokerStars satellites, available within the PokerStars software interface under Tourney > Satellite > FPP tab or Sit&Go > Satellite > FPP tab.

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