FTOPS XIII continued yesterday with the first rebuy tournament of this year’s series.  Event #4 was a $200 buy-in no-limit Hold’em tournament, with 1 rebuy and 1 add-on allowed.  It featured a $500,000 guarantee, which was easily surpassed as 1,415 entrants bought-in, and there were 1,024 rebuys and 958 add-ons.  That raised the total prize pool to $679,400.

The host for this event was Daniele Mazzia, an Italian professional with over $800k in career tournament winnings.  He was joined by 18 other Full Tilt Red Pros, however only one of Full Tilt’s finest was able to finish in the money in event 4.  That was Scott Clements, finishing in 156th place for $815.28.

Once all the rebuys and add-ons were complete, it came down to playing good tournament poker.  Coming out on top was TwistedEcho, who took down $102,382.28 after making a deal with the two other top 3 finishers.  The first place payout was set at $146,071, so TwistedEcho took home a little more than $40k less than if the players had stuck with the original payouts.

The second place finisher, YeslmaHick, actually was the biggest money winner, although not by a lot.  He took $103,811.37 after the deal.  And the last player and biggest beneficiary included in the deal was ELMO_MASK.  His piece of the deal was $100,895.15.  That’s a significant jump from the $68,619.40 that was set aside for third place.

There were 162 players paid in this event and a big congratulations goes out to all of them.  The final table is where everyone wants to be though – with a chance to win it all.  Here’s the final 9 and payouts:

1st – TwistedEcho – $146,071 ($102,382.28*)

2nd – YeslmaHick – $92,398.40 ($103,811.37*)

3rd – ELMO_MASK – $68,619.40 ($100,895.15*)

4th – kautabjo – $54,352

5th – OJ Limpsin – $40,764

6th – Gator93 – $29,214.20

7th – professor plum – $19,023.20

8th – KaPanY3 – $13,588

9th – My Brim Low  – $9,511.60

*payouts after final table deal