Two veteran members of nearly clenched WSOP titles this past weekend.

First, Max Steinberg finished runner-up in WSOP Event 8, $1500 No Limit Hold ‘Em. Max is a prolific member and can be found posting under the name Numbr2intheWorld. Throughout his epic run, Steinberg became a thorn in Phil Hellmuth’s side. On day 3, Steinberg rivered two pair versus Hellmuth and became the target of another infamous Hellmuth rant. Later in the day Steinberg took Hellmuth to valuetown, betting KJ on the river of a board that read AK26x. Hellmuth instantly called with TT and once again berated Steinberg. Shortly thereafter, Hellmuth was elminated.

At the final table, Steinberg gained momentum by knocking two players out when his JJ managed to outrace AK and AK. Steinberg continued to play aggressively, building his chip stack. Three player remained when the chip leader busted Kevin Howe. Steinberg was then heads up with Pascal LeFrancois. Steinberg was outchipped about 7:1 when he fired 3 barrels with 34 on a board of KJ45T. Pascal made a huge call with J6 and eliminated Steinberg in second place. Max received $350,000, besting his LAPT San Jose score of $144,000.

FTR moderator Chardrian, Adrian Dresel-Velasquez, finished WSOP Event 12 in 5th place. This was a Limit Hold ‘Em tournament. Dressl-Velasquez came into the final table with a decent stack, but lost chips early on when he correctly folded QQ versus two players who had sets. After dinner break, his pocket aces ran into quad nines which left him crippled. A few hands later he was eliminated. Adrian took home nearly $44,000 for his impressive performance.

Congratulations Adrian and Max!