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Bovada This Week

The Big Deal, $100K Guaranteed Tournament

The Big Deal, taking place every Sunday at 4 PM ET, has guaranteed prize pool of at least $100,000 with a first-place payout of at least $20K. You can qualify for as little as $1.

Here is a full qualifying schedule, you can find the next available qualifier under the $100K Guaranteed tab in the Scheduled Tournaments Lobby.

Tournament Name


Day and Time (ET)

Cheap Seats

$100K Cheap Seats*


Daily at 12:40 AM, 3:40 AM, and 7:40 AM

Guaranteed Tournaments

$100K Special Qualifier 50 Seats Guaranteed


Saturdays at 2:10 PM


$100K Semifinal**


Daily at 4:40 AM, 9:40 AM, 8:40 PM, and 10:10 PM, Sundays at 1:10 PM

$100K Semifinal (Turbo)**


Sundays at 2:40 PM

$100K Semifinal (Rebuy)**


Daily at 11:40 AM and 11:40 PM

$100K Semifinal (DS)**


Monday – Saturday at 11:40 AM and 11:40 PM

Last Chance Qualifiers

$100K Last Chance Qualifier**


Sundays at 1:06 PM, 1:10 PM, and 1:14 PM

$100K Last Chance Qualifier**


Sundays at 1:36 PM, 1:40 PM, and 1:44 PM

$100K Last Chance Qualifier**


Sundays at 1:58 PM, 2:02 PM, 2:06 PM, 2:10 PM, 2:14 PM, and 2:18 PM

$100K Last Chance Qualifier **


Sundays at 2:21 PM, 2:24 PM, 2:28 PM, 2:32 PM, 2:36 PM, 2:40 PM, 2:44 PM, and 2:48 PM

$100K Last Chance Qualifier (Hyper Turbo)**


Sundays at 3:40 PM, 3:50 PM, 4:00 PM, 4:10 PM, and 4:20 PM

*One player for every $17 in the prize pool will win a tournament ticket to any $100K Semi Final.  

** One player for every $162 in the prize pool will win a Tournament Ticket to the $100K Guaranteed.

Visit here to download and for other promotions.

Ultimate Poker Promotions

Those fortunate poker fans living or visiting Nevada can enjoy a full slate of promotions featured on this first U.S. – based poker site.

$1,000 Nightly

$1,000 guaranteed every night at this tournament starting at 8 PM. Buy-in directly for $50 or qualify through satellites ranging from $1 to $10.

Daily $100 Freeroll

Starts at $7:30 PM every night, free to enter.

1 Million Boarding Pass Points Freeroll

Freeroll satellites run daily at 12:30 PM and 7 PM, winners of which get an entry to the 1 Million Boarding Pass Points Freeroll played every Sunday with a guaranteed prize pool of 1 million Boarding Pass Points.

Here is the download link for Nevada residents and visitors.


Internet Poker Freedom Act is Introduced in Congress

Last Thursday, Representative Joe Barton (R-Tex) introduced to Congress the long-awaited bill seeking to legalize online poker in the United States at the federal level. The bill, numbered H.R. 2666, is 102 pages in length and is now referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce and the Committee on Financial Services for review, the first steps on its path to becoming law.

The bill uses the argument that poker is distinct from games of chance, stating under Section 2. Findings, that “over any significant interval the outcome of a poker game is predominantly determined by the skill of the participants”. If passed , the Internet Poker Freedom Act will require all online poker providers to go through a licensing process to operate. The applicants must demonstrate that all appropriate safeguards are in place, including the ability to restrict by age (has to be 21 or older), geographical location (if a wager originates from a place where online betting is illegal), as well as protection of personal information and against cheating, including the use of “bots”. The Act also seeks to establish a body overseeing the regulation, proposing the “Office of Internet Poker Oversight” within the Department of Commerce.

The bill clearly focuses on online poker only, distancing itself from all other forms of online wagering, in contrast with a recent gambling bill by Peter King, that faced immediate criticism for incorporating, along with poker, other forms of betting: the fact that, in views of many pundits, limited its chances of success  in Congress.

Phrasing its name in terms of liberty and Internet commerce, the bill premises that all Americans should have the freedom to play online poker, just like the residents of Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware already do. It could be a much-needed boost to prompt other states to follow suit and someday soon form a healthy online poker economy in the United States.