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Bovada This Week.

Brand New Promotion from Bovada – Back to School $5K Poker Scholarship

Celebrating the start of the academic year, the site introduces a new reward program that lets you earn up to $115 in weekly cash bonuses and win multiple entries into the draw for a $5K Poker Scholarship  – a prize consisting of 40 high value tournament tickets.

Through the month of September, subscribers to this program will receive increasing weekly cash bonuses according to this schedule:

Freshman Week.

50 Poker Points earns a $10 bonus, while 100 Poker points earns $20.

Sophomore Week.

75 Points  – $15 Bonus, 100 – $25 Bonus.

Junior Week.

100 Points – $20 Bonus, 150 Points – $30 Bonus.

Senior Week.

100 Poker Points will get you a $25 Bonus, and for $200 Poker Points you will receive $40.

In addition, each qualifying week you will win an entry into the grand prize draw for each bonus level achieved – for up to eight total entries.

To be eligible for this promotion, don’t forget to subscribe.

To download Bovada, visit this link.


Author Discusses Poker Moves in Politics of Today and Past

Poker player and writer James McManus detailed the poker hobby of President Obama in his days as a U.S. Senator in his comprehensive history of the game, Cowboys Full. He gave an in-depth interview to where he shared interesting poker-related details from the lives of U.S. presidents and used poker terminology to describe today’s politics and historical events.

In the first question to the author, Pokernews pointed out that, despite Obama’s self-described being a “pretty good poker player”, which underlines his understanding that poker is a game of skill, the President has not had any success in advancing poker legislation, McManus replied that the Republican-controlled Congress would not pass the Obama-supported repeal of UIGEA and even threaten to hold his judicial appointments if the DOJ would not enforce the law, which it did by shutting down the three most popular internet poker sites operating in the country.

Then, McManus went on to relay the current standoff in Washington in poker terms, which turns out quite an insightful analogy as he labeled the antagonizing ferocity of the Tea Party Wing “unbluffable” and “unfoldable”. In the words of the author, Obama, as successful a player as he was – even running a home game while in Senate – has to resort to playing “hands” where he holds the most leverage, such as executive orders, to deal with this Congress.

As far as other presidents’ poker backgrounds, McManus gave examples of Eisenhower and Nixon, who both won significant amounts as young men in the military but stopped playing when they got involved in politics, believing voters would not appreciate it.

As the interview progresses, we are revealed that the biggest bluff in history was the famous JFK’s handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, when he got the Soviet leader to back down putting the bombers on the highest alert over the radio frequency that the Soviets were known to be tuned into. The best ever laydown, which was also the most humane move in history, came as a result of that when Nikita Khrushchev agreed to remove the missiles from Cuba saving tens if not hundreds of millions of lives.

The interview concluded with author’s thoughts on the prospects of online poker. He believes that the President is strongly in favor of a regulated online poker; however, since on the scale of things it is only a side issue for him, any visible meaningful progress on the issue will come not from the federal authorities, but from the states. The intrastate market space has to reach critical mass – about 15-20 states – before we can expect Congress to either repeal UIGEA or pass a sensible substitute.


Read the whole interview here.