There’s a new winner every week on thanks to the Ultimate Tournament Leaderboard. If you haven’t had a chance to familiarize yourself with the UltimateBet’s weekly tournament leaderboard yet, please click here to read my post from Monday. To put it in a nutshell, the Ultimate Tournament Leaderboard is Ultimate Bet’s way of showcasing and rewarding its best and most frequent tournament players. On Monday I mentioned that the leaderboard for any given week is won on Sunday nights, so I’ll spend this article looking at how this week’s leaderboard is turning out so far. You’ll have to come back to my blog next Friday to find out who actually ends up winning, though!

Actually that last sentence wasn’t completely true. If you just can’t stand the suspense and have to know who wins this week, you could check our up-to-date network page (also mentioned back on Monday). Scroll down to where it mentions the leaderboard and click on a day in the calendar that you wish to view. If you were to scroll down and click April 4th, for example, you would see this page, which shows the data I’ll be basing the rest of my article on.

Here is what the top ten of this week’s leaderboard currently looks like:

1 spades27 – 367.83 (Tournament Points)
2 scottyclark – 323.28
3 foolishgolf – 256.60
4 sweetjj – 251.93
5 KzooHustlin – 231.61
6 canadiansjw – 201.85
7 CrazySixeS66 – 182.95
8 frigid1 – 173.97
9 thrushed – 173.31
10 chewygotu – 172.02

Although the top fifty tournament players are listed on this leaderboard at any given time, only the top ten will receive prizes at the end of Sunday. spades27 is currently in the lead with almost 368 Tournament Points, but scottyclark is close behind with 323 Points. Will one of these players win the opportunity to play for $1,000 versus one of the Ultimate Bet pros, or will someone below them in the standings make a late run? There’s only a few more days before the week’s winner will be crowned, so people lower in the standings would have to earn quite a few points very quickly for that to occur.

scottyclark and foolishgolf have been in the top 3 every day since the start of this leaderboard so far this week. foolishgolf also placed in the top ten during last week’s leaderboard. spades27 also placed in the top ten last week, but he popped onto the top-ten scene and right into first place yesterday for this week’s leaderboard, so yesterday must have been a fantastic day of tournaments for him.

If spades27 were to stay on top of the standings, however, it would appear that his work isn’t finished yet. The leaderboard winners for the past few weeks have finished with over 500 points, so I predict that spades27 will have to add a few more points to his total to lock up a win. If he were to keep his current point total, there’s a good chance that someone below him in the standings will pass him and win the top prize, instead.

Coming 2nd through 10th isn’t too bad of a deal, however. As mentioned in my Monday article, 2nd to 10th places will all receive consolation prizes of 100 tournament dollars to use as they please.

It will be interesting to see what happens before the week is over and whether or not scottyclark can catch up to spades27. Or will someone even lower in the standings catch up and surpass both of them? With multi-table tournaments, anything can happen – large buyins and first place finishes can all add up and give players the big point push they need to launch themselves higher in the leaderboard standings. Please come back next Friday to see how this week plays out and to also have a preview of the week after!