The donkaments at Ultimate Bet are growing every month! By playing the multi-table tournaments at Ultimate Bet, you can earn your spot on the UB Leaderboard! For complete details of what you can win every week, see the first post of the UB Leaderboard by courtiebee by clicking here.

If you want to check out for yourself who is leading on the leaderboards, you can check out FTR’s UB network page by clicking here. By navigating down to the Excapsa Software Poker Leaderboards section, you will be able to see the past and present leaders for every single at at Ultimate Bet. You can look through any single day to see when the players topped each other. It is usually right down to the wire every single week and one tournament could make the difference in thousands of dollars! As UB’s leaderboards are usually a couple days behind on their site, one week goes from Wednesday – Tuesday on the FTR archives.

Well, we are now in the third week of April and before we check out who is currently at the top, let’s have a look at last two weeks top 10 winners! You can view the entire 50 player list by checking out the April 8th Archive:

1 foolishgolf 678.25
2 scottyclark 629.74
3 spades27 445.28
4 CrazySixeS66 273.99
5 zestfulyclean 271.92
6 jsjh94 263.85
7 NeddyFlanders 261.32
8 sweetjj 251.93
9 KzooHustlin 250.56
10 busto_soon 230.13

Looking back throughout the week, we see that foolishgolf got started off good but finished even better. He was in the top 3 for most of the week, where he finally passed scottyclark and spades27 near the end. This was very clutch as it looked like spades27 was the clear favorite leading almost every day. 4 days into the leaderboard race, spades27 had a big lead with 445 points while foolishgolf was sitting in third with 256. Unfortunately for spades27, he couldn’t get anything going for him and ended the week with the same total whereas foolishgolf gained over 400 points in the last 3 days. Another player worth pointing out is FTR member busto_soon who managed to squeeze his way onto the top 10 for the week while he was hovering around 15th all week.

If you recall from the first post, you don’t just get pride for making the leaderboard; you win cash! 2nd – 10th place all took home $100 tournament credits for their favorite tournaments, but foolishgolf had a chance to win even more. He won the chance to play a UB pro for a minimum of $1,000! Each week, if the pro wins, the $1,000 is carried over to next weeks prize pool.

This week, foolishgolf drew the UB pro Gary “debo34” DeBernardi for the chance at $1,000. The match lasted around 40 minutes and was back in forth, but in the end Ultimate Bet was king. Unfortunately for foolishgolf, his week atop of the leaderboard was nothing but an experience now as he has no money to show for it! We will see who will be victorious next week and if their victory will yield them some cash!

The second week of April had a lot of action as well. If you check out the April 15th Archive, you will see the final top 50 placements on the Ultimate Bet Leaderboard. In the spotlight, here are the top 10 winners for the second week of April:

1 scottyclark 455.70
2 mitchman1114 369.57
3 bukithepro 306.05
4 jpstation 284.87
5 maniac1 283.05
6 blunttman4200 277.32
7 debo34 274.09
8 freak173 239.91
9 negativeROI 238.59
10 alomar2 227.51

In great fashion, scottyclark has his revenge from last week! Last week, he finished 2nd behind foolishgolf by only 50 points and this time had a great week to finally earn his spot on top of the UB leaderboards. He is also the only person to appear on back to back leaderboards for this week, so this is quite the achievement. UB pro debo34 finished in a respectable 7th place. As always, 2nd – 10th all won $100 and scottyclark has drawn his UB pro for this match this weekend. He will taking on Shawn Rice, who is a successful live tournament player and Ultimate Bet Professional on April 20th. Let’s see if he can avenge foolishgolf’s loss or if the UB pros will continue to dominate. The current prize pool for TLB heads up match is $3,000 as the UB pros have won the last 3 matches; added pressure for scottyclark to break the streak.  Even if he doesn’t win, it is still an amazing feat taking 2nd then 1st in back to back weeks so congratulations to scottyclark!

If you check out the current leaderboard stats on the April 16th Archive, we see absolutely no familiar faces! The link will show you the current top 50 and here are the current top 10:

1 nhjob 232.32
2 jfs888888 228.79
3 dipthr0ng 212.29
4 fame722 202.67
5 papaGEORGIOOO 192.75
6 shipitmuppet 185.04
7 dwcub31 184.02
8 saigon rock 164.90
9 whatarunaa 161.24

We will have to see if foolishgolf or scottyclark can make a comeback for some revenge, but for now nhjob is king. As it is still early, you never know if any of these players will still be in the top 10 when the week ends. So make sure you check back next Wednesday to see if scottyclark ended up taking home the prize and for the results of the current week on the Ultimate Bet Leaderboard!