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The weekly action continues at Ultimate Bet, see who is on top of the board this week! Ultimate Bet awards their tournament players each week, keeping track of how well you play. Depending on the tournament, buyin, and other factors you earn points for every in the money finish in UB MTTs. Run well, play well, and you could top the board! For complete details of what you can win every week, see the first post of the UB Leaderboard by clicking here.

If you want to check out for yourself who is leading on the leaderboards, you can check out FTR’s UB-Network Page. By navigating down to the Excapsa Software Poker Leaderboards section, you will be able to see the past and present leaders for every single week at Ultimate Bet. You can even navigate through every single day to see when your favorite player (or maybe even you) takes the lead.

When we left off last week, we announced that scottyclark was the last weekly winner with 455.70 points. He was scheduled to take on UB pro Shawn Rice heads up for $3,000 on April 20th. Usually the prize pool for this special match is $1,000, but the UB pros have been on fire lately winning the last 3 matches, and when the UB pro wins the $1,000 is rolled over. Well, scottyclark was obviously on a mission as he smoked Shawn Rice in just 14 minutes ending the loss for the Ultimate Bet players and earning himself $3,000! Congratulations to scottyclark!

As we move along to the new winners, let’s recap what the top 10 leaderboard looked liked in last weeks articles. You can view up to the top 50 by viewing the FTR April 16th Archive, which shows the start of the third week in April. There were no familiar faces among the players, and nhjob was on top with 232.32 points. Could this newcomer hold on and become the next weekly winner? Well, and the end of the week, here is what the top 10 displayed (you can view up to the top 50 by checking the FTR April 22nd Archive):

1 dipthr0ng 682.28
2 shipitmuppet 607.94
3 jfs888888 437.92
4 shawnfrie 365.57
5 gaman0n 348.59
6 papaGEORGIOOO 335.69
7 MaciekMajka 321.88
8 scottman90 303.14
9 A__Webb 274.21
10 Beaver Fever 263.99

Unfortunately for nhjob, he had a good start to the week but a bad finish. Overall he took 12th place with a total of 257 points. He was in the lead for only one day, where he was passed by dipthr0ng. Once dipthr0ng took over the lead, he never looked back. He was on top of the UB leaderboard since the 2nd day, adding to his impressive point total with each day. He finally ended with 682 points, the most documented so far at FTR. Second place finisher shipitmuppet had a nice run, and has been in the top 10 for 14 of the last 30 days – a great feat!

2nd – 10th places were all awarded $100 tournament credits, but all eyes are on dipthr0ng who will have his chance to go head to head with UB pro Mark “P0ker H0” Kroon on April 27th for $1,000! Hopefully he can keep the streak for the players going, with the scottyclark win last week. Congratulations to dipthr0ng and the rest of the top 10!

Moving along, the Ultimate Bet leaderboard continues as the point totals are reset each week. If you check out the April 23rd Archive you can check out the current top 50 for the fourth week in April, and here is what the top 10 looks like:

1 krej 242.71
2 meeelosh 230.43
3 p0ker h0 201.97
4 shipitmuppet 186.06
5 donkalicious4 181.27
6 happysmilingj 178.34
7 thebubble1 158.86
8 jurollo 149.55
9 jfs888888 148.63
10 bettertanu22 134.57

There are some new names, but some well known names as well. UB player krej is at the top of the list with 242 points and this is his first top 10 appearance. As we saw last week, just because you start off good early doesn’t mean you will finish strong, let’s see if the same will be said about newcomer krej. Also on the board we see UB Pro Mark Kroon (p0ker h0) sitting in 3rd place. In 4th shipitmuppet sits with 186 points, and is no stranger to the top 10. As mentioned earlier, he has appear in the top 10 14 times this month and finished runner up last week!

With the pressure being on, we will see who can keep their spots and who start to shine on the UB leaderboard. Make sure to check back next Wednesday to see if dipthr0ng takes the $1,000 prize on Sunday and if newcomer krej can hold on to his early lead on the Ultimate Bet Leaderboard!