It’s Wednesday which means another week for the UB leaderboards. Every week, Ultimate Bet awards its players with tournament credits and the chance to play heads up with a UB pro for $1,000 or more!

When we last left off, nibbler was declared the champion and destroyed the competition with his 651 points. To put this is perspective, 2nd place had 350 points, so nibbler had almost twice as many! Nibbler was set to play UB Pro Shawn Rice for his $2,000 heads up match. If you recall last week, scottyclark fell victim to Mark “P0ker H0″ Kroon which means the $1,000 would be carried over. This was a-ok with nibbler as he was now playing for twice the usual prize. However, it didn’t give him much luck because he lost his match to Shawn Rice. Too bad for nibbler that his dominating performance ended without a prize, but it’s good news for this weeks winner! The $1,000 will again be carried over making the prize pool for next Sunday’s match $3,000! Who will be playing in it? Let’s take a look!

In last weeks article, the week of May 25th – May 31st showed a new face on the top; johnnybax. He is a top MTT professional, but the race was very tight. He was in the lead, but only by 11 points over 7th place. It was clear it was still anyone’s game, so let’s have a look at the final top 10 winner’s for May 25 – May 31 (to see the complete top 50, click on the June 4th Archive):

1 mross01 330.34 – $3,000 Heads-Up Match
2 jas0042 324.32 – $100 TC
3 krej 304.59 – $100 TC
4 punko 273.74 – $100 TC
5 aisixer3jk 254.63 – $100 TC
6 blunttman4200 241.18 – $100 TC
7 bb77 230.28 – $100 TC
8 LURPED 217.87 – $100 TC
9 muckthenuts 209.79 – $100 TC
10 gus_welly 205.26 – $100 TC

Well, we see that Mr. Johnny Bax couldn’t hold on and just missed the top 10, finishing in 11th with 200.89 points. It was another low scoring week, as the eventual winner, mross01 only ended up having 330.34 points. Compare this to last week when nibbler won as he did it with style; 651.66 points! The winner mross01 was in 12th place with 107 points in my last week’s article, but he put it together and came up with 223 more points! It was about time for him also, because if you remember back to my May 21st article, mross01 finished 2nd to scottyclark by just 14 points. Congratulations to mross01 who is scheduled to play Mark “P0ker H0″ Kroon this Sunday for $3,000! UB Pros are on a roll right now, let’s see if mross01 can stop them!

Some other notable winners this week are; jas0042, who made the top 10 for the second week in a row. Our pal krej was also back, this time taking 3rd, which is his fourth straight appearance in the top 10! Very impressive. Blunttman4200 placed second last week, and followed it up this week with a 6th place finish. There sure are a lot of consistent players on Ultimate Bet!

Now moving to a new week, which ranges from June 1 – June 7, there is a mix of players we know all too well, and some new top 10 faces (to view the complete top 50, check out the June 5th Archive):

1 EddyTown21 205.98
2 royalkc 204.61
3 mattpat 187.17
4 punko 172.14
5 gandalf80 169.59
6 scottyclark 162.05
7 airman111 160.04
8 Sumar007 147.23
9 gray99 146.69
10 shipitmuppet 144.28

There’s our man, scottyclark, sitting in 6th place with 162 points. However, he has some work to do as he is still over 40 points behind the current leader, EddyTown21. This is the first time I have seen EddyTown21 on the UB TLB, so it is pretty nice to debut in 1st place! In 10th place sits shipitmuppet who is no stranger to the top 10 himself. In 4th sits punko, 30 points from the lead, who just had a top 10 finish last week. The rest are pretty unknown and haven’t had many top 10 appearances. All pressure is on EddyTown21, let’s see if he can hold onto his lead!

Well that covers the Ultimate Bet Leaderboards for June 4th, make sure to check back next Wednesday to see if mross01 was successful in his $3,000 heads up match and if EddyTown21 can hang on! Also, if you can’t wait and want to follow the action, check out the Ultimate-Bet Network page where you can find daily updated results under Poker Leaderboards.