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A lot has happened since my last UB Leaderboard article on April 23rd. Due to some technical difficulties, I was unable to post any results for the past two weeks. However, I will try to bring everything back up to speed and start resuming the article regularly, every Wednesday!

I’m back to continue documenting who is king of the Ultimate Bet weekly tournament leaderboard! Every week, Ultimate Bet awards its players with tournament credits and the chance to play heads up with a UB pro for $1,000 or more! For complete details of how and what you can win every week, see the first post of the UB Leaderboard by clicking here.

When we last left off, we had announced that dipthr0ng was the winner of last weeks leaderboard with a record 682.28 points. He cleared second place position (who was shipitmuppet) by 75 points and clearly ran better than anyone else that week. You can check for yourself any day of his dominating week by navigating to the FTR UB-Network Page. Scroll down to the Excapsa Software Poker Leaderboards and you can view any archived day to see the top 50 players! Getting back to dipthr0ng, he was scheduled to play UB pro Mark “P0ker H0” Kroon on Aprl 27th for $1,000. If you recall, the week prior scottyclark was victorious over UB Pro Shawn Rice, so could dipthr0ng keep the momentum going for the players? You bet! The match lasted just 14 minutes and dipthr0ng was able to keep the streak going for the players, and pocketing $1000! Congratulations to him!

Moving along to the current week, we see some old familiar friends, with some new faces as well. You can see the complete top 50 places for this week by visiting the May 17th Archive page, but here is the current top 10:

1 GINO_THE_ELK 295.89
2 scottyclark 275.94
3 mross01 274.76
5 krej 254.65
6 TABMD 246.04
7 pstarsstevie 183.44
8 Moxie_Man 168.02
9 chase edward 164.15
10 Cooler King 162.23

GINO_THE_ELK is a newcomer to the list and is currently in the lead. However, if you look at second place we see scottyclark again. If you remember back to April 16th, scottyclark won the UB leaderboard for that week. He then went on to defeat Shawn Rice heads up, and pocketed $3,000! It is obvious that you can never count out scottyclark, as he has been in the top 10 of the leaderboard 18 times out of the last month; quite the feat! In 5th place we see krej, who is no stranger to the top 10 but is still winless. At the start of the week, GINO_THE_ELK could be found all the way near the bottom in 40th place, but has since worked his way to sit atop. Can he hold on, or will scottyclark be able to win 2 leaderboards in one months time? Check back to find out!

Once again, sorry about the 2 week delay in getting these leaderboard up. We missed 2 weeks of data to document, but from now on you will be getting an article every Wednesday. Check back to see if the current leaders can hold on!