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It is Wednesday May 28th, and another champion was crowned in the weekly Ultimate Bet MTT leaderboards. Every week, Ultimate Bet awards its players with tournament credits and the chance to play heads up with a UB pro for $1,000 or more! For complete details of how and what you can win every week, see the first post of the UB Leaderboard by clicking here.

I have to start this weeks article with a little correction, or clarification. If you recall in last week’s article, scottyclark came from behind to edge out mross01 by 14 points, and capture his 2nd UB TLB win in 5 weeks. However, that isn’t entirely true. Yes he did win the week with 421.79 points, but this was his 3rd win the past 5 weeks; and 2nd win in a row! As I explained in the May 17th article, the weeks of May 7th and 14th were missed because of a technical problem. Well, I found out that during this time (the week of May 4 – May 10) scottyclark was again the top dog at UB! And if you remember, the first week of April he finished in 2nd place. So that means in the past 2 months, he has finished 1st three times, and 2nd once; how sick is this guy!

So did he win the money? Well, his match on May 11th was against UB pro Gary “debo34” DeBernardi and $1,000 was on the line. Is it possible for scottyclark to lose? Of course not. Scottyclark did just as I expected, and took out debo34 in a mere 12 minutes, and pocketed himself another $1,000 TLB win. Then just 7 days later, there scottyclark sat again for another $1,000 heads up match – this time against UB pro Mark “P0ker H0” Kroon. Scottyclark had been on a huge rush and the UB pros in a bit of a rut, but the tides had to turn sometime. Scottyclark felt his first defeat in the TLB heads up match, when P0ker H0 eliminated him in 14 minutes. However, don’t feel too bad for him, because he has gone heads up 3 times in the last 6 weeks, pocketing $4,000! Next week the prize pool will be $2,000 as the $1,000 prize will be carried over. Who will play the next UB pro? Let’s find out.

When we last left off, nibbler was at the top with 154.73 points, but it was a tight race as there was only 9 points separating 1st and 6th place. It was clear that even though nibbler was in 1st place, he would have to play well for the remainder of the week to keep his chances at a UB pro alive. Well, as the May 18th – 24th week came to an end, nibbler did just that (below is the top 10, and you can find the top 50 places in the May 27th Archive):

1 nibbler 651.66 – $1,000 Heads-Up Match
2 blunttman4200 349.98 – $100 TC
3 krej 288.2 – $100 TC
4 snatchitall 287.24 – $100 TC
5 blazemunkey 268.92 – $100 TC
6 brsavage 254.15 – $100 TC
7 EZPickens 253.16 – $100 TC
8 danxxx1 240.34 – $100 TC
9 jas0042 227.89 – $100 TC
10 jfs888888 217.44 – $100 TC

As you can see, nibbler did more than just maintain his lead, he crushed the field! He finished with an amazing 651.66 points, which was 302 points over second place, blunttman4200. We had yet to see such a dominating performance as no one was even close to touching nibbler. Blunttman4200 wasn’t even in the top 50 last week, but managed to end up in 2nd place. Some notables players were krej is 3rd, who always seems to consistently make the top 10, but has never captured a win. Also, blazemunkey, and jas0042 were able to keep themselves on the top 10 from the last article and earn themselves $100 in tournament credits. Out hero scottyclark ended up in 13th place with 208.25 points, but I can bet he will be back. Congratulations to nibbler, who won himself a chance to play for $2,000 on June 1st! Check back to see which UB pro he will playing against.

As we start the last week in May, which ranges from May 25th – May 31st, it is still early, but some popular names can be found (to see the complete top 50, click on the May 28th archive):

1 johnnybax 155.71
2 aisixer3jk 154.50
3 ohhenry83 153.70
4 thebigguy08 149.39
5 jas0042 148.79
6 punko 145.79
7 Duffman08 144.60
8 Wild Duck 138.74
9 jonesy131 124.74
10 mattpat 115.64

At the top sits well known and feared professional player, Cliff “JohnnyBax” Josephy. This is the first time we have seen him in the top 10, and judging by his results, I’m guessing it won’t be the last. JohnnyBax has won many large online MTTs, and even has a WSOP bracelet in Stud! Some other names that are familiar are jas0042 who won $100 last week for his 9th place finish. Also, scottyclark just missed the top 10 by .54 points, and sits in 11th place with 115.10. With 4 more days left to go, anyone can still win. Check back next week to see if JohnnyBax can hold on to his lead, which is only 11 points above 7th place.

Next Wednesday I will announce if nibbler was able to win his $2,000 heads up match, so make sure you come back next Wednesday! Also, if you can’t wait and want to follow the action, check out the Ultimate-Bet Network page where you can find daily updated results under Poker Leaderboards.