UltimateBet announced today that Annie Duke would be managing their schedules for all of their upcoming tournament play. This is a big step in introducing the interests and opinions of one of the best poker players around into their program. Annie has been both designing and playing at UltimateBet for a long time, and apparently it was just a sensible move to put her up to the plate in something a little more robust and challenging.

Annie had the following to say about the position:

“I opted to accept the poker room Consultant position after spending time with UltimateBet’s new senior management team,” said Duke. “I am extraordinarily pleased with their commitment to wanting what’s best for the poker player and I have a renewed sense of enthusiasm in the future of UltimateBet.”

Players can expect things such as leader boards, new promotions and other exciting facets of poker to look forward to in the coming months. They intend to make UltimateBet as exciting as an online poker realm can possibly be.

So keep an eye out for Duke in the upcoming months, whether she’s scheduling or playing over at UltimateBet, you know she’s up to something interesting! The new schedule comes out April 28th with 1.2 million dollar guarantees, tournaments and a lot of other interesting events!