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Who hasn’t wanted to go to Aruba? How about going to Aruba for free? It’s likely that most will want to be counted in on this free trip, especially since it’s a poker tournament on the sunny tropical island. Most people are used to going to Vegas for the hot tournaments, but who can beat heading to a tropical resort to play a little poker between sunbathing sessions?

UltimateBet is sending a record number of people to the 2008 Aruba Poker Classic which is considered UltimateBet’s signature island poker tournament. Not many companies can boast an island tournament so that certainly puts them ahead of the game when it comes to exotic poker.

“In an effort to make this year’s Aruba Poker Classic the best one yet, we’re sending a huge number of UltimateBet players to the island tournament for free,” stated Annie Duke, UltimateBet’s Cardroom Consultant. “Best of all, winning an $8,500 Aruba Poker Classic prize package is as easy as relaxing on the beach under a palm tree.”

They call it “The Ultimate Aruba Giveaway” and it draws off leader board competitions and sends the best of the best to sunny Aruba for the most exotic poker tournament around. Qualifying is easy. Players simply have to play in real money tables at between the June 20th and July 17th. Once you make your mark on the leader boards and hit the top ranks then you can make your mark down in Aruba.

First place gets an all expenses paid trip to Aruba for the tournament and second place through seventieth get to play in a freeroll tournament for a total of seven more packages sending the winners to Aruba for the tournament. How can that be beat?

So if a player is into poker as well as sunny beaches then head over to and take a look at their options in this epic event. We couldn’t turn down a free trip to Aruba over at FTR if offered and we’re sure it’s something hard to turn down for any of our readers!