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There are loads and loads of poker tournaments. Even more than a cat could fit into all of its 9 lives. At any point you care to name, all the myriad online poker sites are running multiple tournaments of various different shapes and sizes. Even the most dedicated grinder will never be able to experience more than a fraction of them. So, which ones should you play?

Well, Flop Turn River has the answers. For a start, you’ll want to know which sites offer the best service and which are the safest to deposit on. Scoot over to the reviews section and feast your eyes on a comprehensive list of poker rooms with forthright reviews, important information, and exclusive bonus codes. Then check out the Articles section for a detailed look at everything from PokerStars satellite tournaments to single table Sit & Go strategy.

Best of all, FTR have even cooked up their own tournaments for you to play. These are strictly exclusive events, only accessible to those who have signed up to the forums. Luckily for you, it costs nothing and will open up a whole new realm of friendly banter and serious tactical discussion. The FTR tournament calendar consists of literally lots of tournaments at a whole host of different sites. There are thousands in added money and freeroll prize pools to be had, including plenty of tournaments that are accessible to U.S. customers.

Tournaments upcoming the latter half of November include:

FTR $200 Money Added (November 18th 15:00 ET) – FTR members will be limbering up as we speak, preparing for this exclusive $200 Money Added tournament at Everest Poker. $2 and the hidden password are all you need to sign up.

FTR $200 Freeroll (November 18th 20:00 ET) – The shiny new CEREUS network combines both UB and Absolute Poker. They’ve found $200 spare to stuff into an exclusive freeroll for FTR players. Even those dangerous US types are allowed to enter.

FTR19 (November 19th 20:00 ET) – There are already piles and piles of exclusive FTR tournaments, but we thought you could handle another one. New this month is the FTR19, a regular $300 Money Added tournament on Sportsbook Poker. Do you have a Sportsbook Poker Account? Do you have an FTR forum account? Do you have $3? You’re all set then.

FTR20 (November 20th 20:00 ET) – You might want to lay off the eponymous substance during this $3 + $0.30 Money Added tournaments at Reefer Poker. $250 is up for grabs, so make sure you have all your wits about you. US grinders welcome!

FTR $100 Freeroll (November 21st 15:00 ET) – If you have used the FTR links to sign up to LuckyAcePoker then you’re in line for a gratis ticket into this $100 freeroll. If you haven’t, then hurry up and click through these affiliate links before time runs out.

FTR/RedKings Poker Tour Live (November 22nd 13:00 ET) – This special tournament is for FTR’s German speaking contingent. This $5 satellite could get you into the live Main Event in Vienna, where players will compete for €100,000 and a BMW 116i. Only players from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein may play. Viel Glück!

FTR $200 Freeroll (November 22nd 14:00 ET) – It might be getting chilly outside, but things are still hot at ChiliPoker. Specifically, the $200 Freeroll is currently very warm and invites all FTR forum members to come in from the cold and have some money.

FTR $200 Freeroll (November 22nd 15:00 ET) – It’s only been an hour since your last freeroll, and yet you demand more? Fine. Sign on to Bet365Poker with your forum-supplied password and take a shot at $200. Greedy poker players.

FTR Everest Poker Mini-League (November 22nd 15:00 ET) – Forumites with a competitive desire should make sure they don’t miss out on this round of the FTR Everest Poker Mini-League. This $2 tournament features $50 added, as part of a $500 overall kitty. The top players at the end of five events will go through the final were a $336 step token is guaranteed for the winner.

FTR $200 Freeroll (November 23rd 20:00 ET) – Settle in for a quiet evening with Full Tilt. Snuggle up to their free $200 freeroll and warm your toes on their sensible US players policy. Only players who generate their accounts via FTR links are eligible to play.

FTR240 (November 24th – 15:00 ET) – The powers of William Hill and CDPoker combine to host this $150 Money Added tournament. A snip at $5 and only for FTR forum members.

FTR $100 Freeroll (November 24th 20:00 ET) – Sportsbook Poker return with their second brand new event of the month. This time there’s no entry fee and $100 in the prize pool. American players are still welcome and the password will still only be available to FTR forum members.

FTR5 (November 25th 20:00 ET) – There’s some serious money up for grabs on the CEREUS platform in late November. Celebrate the fact that it’s exactly a month until Christmas by stumping up $5 + $0.50 on Absolute Poker and UB. You’ll be competing for your part of $300 Money Added.

FTR25 (November 25th) – Flop Turn River regulars will be well versed in this regular $100 Money Added tournament at CakePoker. Simply visit the forum to collect your password, drop $1 + $0.10 into the prize pool and Bob’s your uncle.

FTR €200 Freeroll (November 29th 15:00 ET) – European players should pop along to Mermaid Poker at the end of this month. That way they can enjoy the €200 freeroll being laid on for them. This is one of the biggest freeroll prize pools FTR provides.

FTR Battle for ECOOP V (November 29th 15:00 ET) – If you want to play on one of poker’s biggest stages, but don’t fancy paying the exorbitant entry fee, then this tournament is for you. Only FTR members are permitted in SunPoker’s $3 + $0.30 Stage 1 satellite. The top 3 finishers are guaranteed an entry into the $100 + $9 satellite which awards seats into the ECOOP V Main Event.

FTR Everest Poker Mini-League (November 29th 15:00 ET) – If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll already know all about these leaderboard-based tournaments at Everest Poker. $5 + $0.50 lands you a shot at $50 Money Added and a seat into a Step 5 Token satellite.

$500 Private Freeroll (November 29th) – This tournament might not earn you a butler, but you do get to go to a Mansion. Well, Mansion Poker anyway. There’s a whopping $500 in the prize pool and a buy-in of nothing at all. Sign up to Mansion through the FTR links and you’re all set.

FTR400 (November 30th 18:05 ET) – Wrap up the month in style at Titan Poker by playing in this $2 + $0.20 tournament with $400 Money Added. Join the forum, get the password and play some poker. Is there a better way to end November? No, there isn’t.