Last November, Tom Dwan was rumored to have pulled in a massive $8 to $9 million from the most recent Macau Big Game. The current Big Game going in Macau has been running for more than a week now, but this time, the game has a different set of faces to match the new winners for 2011. Big name players like Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan, and John Juanda have all made the trip, and Dwan himself has put in another appearance, only this time with starkly different results.

Although reports are varied, Johnny Chan is clearly one of the big winners so far, along with one of the locals. Dwan, on the other hand, has found himself down a massive $2 million, taking a significant cut out of his November winnings. Juanda has also been seen on the wrong side of the rail, also down roughly $2 million. However, with blinds as high as $4k-$8k, a quick comeback is always possible.

Dwan was felted holding KQ early on when one of the local Chinese players won with KK. The situation was a tricky one, where the local player was known for gambling big on draws. It was either unlucky or a bad read, but either way, it left Dwan smarting.

Dwan is clearly investing a lot in this game, in both time and money. He recently wrote in the Full Tilt Poker chat box, “Been playing 30hrs str live… jus drank a ton of coffee and game broke, so cant sleep, but also cant think too great yo.” Known for his extremely aggressive play and player reading abilities, Dwan is never one out for the count. The Macau Big Game is still in its early stages, and he may very well find himself back in the black before the game draws to a close.