If you’re looking for a central hub for your poker activities, then you could do no better than FlopTurnRiver. Not only do they provide up to the minute news coverage, in depth poker room reviews, and a huge library of strategy articles, they also furnish their members with thousands of dollars of money added tournaments every month.

The FTR forum is a buzzing community with a strong focus on improving and honing poker skills. The message board is frequented by a raft of strong players keen to impart their sage-like wisdom, as well as fresh faced grinders looking to move up to another level.

Flop Turn River members are given plenty of opportunities to practice their newly mastered abilities. There are added money events on almost every poker site running throughout the year. Consult the calendar on almost any day of the month and you’ll see some sort of freeroll or money added event scheduled exclusively for FTR members.

Here’s a look at some of the upcoming FTR events for the first half of August:

Everest Poker Forum Challenge (August 4th 16:00 ET) – Part of a six event series run by Everest Poker to establish once and for all what poker forum is the best. Represent FTR in this $50 added $2 + $0.20.

FTR500 (August 5th 22:00 ET) – This regular $500 money added tournament is for FTR forum members only. Full Tilt Poker is adding $500 to this $5 + $0.50 tournament, while FTR is adding merchandise prizes for 1st place and the bubble-boy.

FTR $100 Freeroll (August 6th 20:05 ET) – You can play at this exclusive $300 money added tournament for absolutely free at Bodog, so long as you’re a FlopTurnRiver member.

FTRSUN $250 (August 7th 16:00 ET) – There’s yet more added money only for members at SunPoker. FTR players with a SunPoker account can buy into this $5 + $0.50 event and take stab at the $250 added money.

FTR7 (August 7th 16:00 ET) – For just a $5 buy-in at William Hill or CDPoker you’ll be in for a chance of winning your share of $150, exclusively at FlopTurnRiver.

FTR Gauntlett VIII Game 09A – NLH Heads-Up (August 9th 15:00) – The hotly contested FTR Gauntlet starts August with a $10 + $1 heads up battle.

FTR $100 Freeroll (August 9th 20:00 ET) – One of the many private freerolls just for FTR members. This $100 money added event at Bovada promises to pad the wallets of a few forum members for no cost.

FTR Gauntlet VIII Game 09B – NLH Heads -Up (August 9th 21:30 ET) – The later version of the FTR Gauntlet heads up event. Once again it’s a $10 + $1 buy-in competition just for FTR members.

Forum Challenge (August 11th 16:00 ET) – The FTR forum members must defend their honour against opponents from across the internet! What’s more is that they get to do so in a $100 freeroll. Lucky people.

FTR11 (August 11th 22:00 ET) – Carbon Poker is hosting this regular event just for FTR forumites. The cut-price $1 + $.10 tournament is bolstered by $50 of money added. What’s more, Carbon Poker accept US players, so FTR members from every nation can compete.

FTR333 (August 13th 22:05 ET) – $3 for the buy-in, a $0.30 fee, and $300 added money all combine together to form the monthly FTR333. FTR members get exclusive access to this Bodog tournament, as well as the chance to win Bodog merchandise if they finish in the money. US players are welcome too!

FTR14 (August 14th 16:00 ET) – FTR members who fancy a spot of afternoon freeroll entertainment will be on their way to Fortune Poker for a €300 freeroll.

$200 Freeroll (August 14th 20:00 ET) – The biggest site in the world, PokerStars, will be hosting a $200 freeroll for FTR members and no one else. This is yet another exclusive FTR event that accommodates US players.

FTR $350 (August 15th 15:00 ET) – Tower Gaming knows how to treat their loyal FTR players. They’ve scheduled a $2 + $0.20 tournament just for FTR members, and they’ve stuffed it with $350 added money.